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13 January 2013
Hitting the books again

This year I’m taking on a professional qualification and will be keeping track of my progress and journey on here…

I have a degree in Marketing so I have been keen to learn a bit more about the theory behind internal communications for a while. It’s a hard thing to choose as there is a lot on offer from various bodies covering so many topics.

I wanted something that wasn’t going to go on for months, that was recognised and that allowed me the freedom to manage my time with some classroom learning as well. I was also keen to make sure that I was mentally prepared for the time needed to do the course – it’s a big commitment after all!

When I joined the CIPR Inside committee I was torn between their course and another one – why did I choose this one? Honestly it was down to timing – a 6 months course that wasn’t going to break the bank. The other factor was the tutor. I have been working with Kevin Ruck for the past 8 months and his theoretical knowledge of the internal comms world has impressed me during that time. It was probably the deciding factor for me to do the course as I was totally out of my depth in a conversation where models and theorists were mentioned – I needed to get my head around all this!

I’m expecting to learn about models and theories that I can apply to my work. Theories that allow me to think more strategically and look at things away from the tunnel vision working inside an organisation can do. It’s been a long time since I was at uni so I’m quite looking forward to hitting the books again!

So I start on 2 February with the first lesson in London all day – I’m excited and almost itching to get started – I just need to make sure I keep myself disciplined and do the 8 hours a week I need to do!

I am studying the CIPR Internal Communications Diploma which is taught at PR Academy.

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