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29 June 2014
The Big Yak – my favourite bits!

With so many sessions in one day I was never going to get to all of them. Thank you to everyone that tweeted throughout – these are some of my favourite tweets, learnings and ideas from #thebigyak

  • Having an empty chair in the room in meetings to represent the rest of the organisation allows you to consider employees when making decisions
  • Any media should always be about people. Technology is always just the conduit, it shouldn’t define what we say
  • Are line managers underused in internal comms? How do we use them more and what can we do to support them?
  • Don’t blog for someone who doesn’t even know what a blog is. Needs to be true to them
  • When you do change, make sure you communicate the why…not just the what and the how
  • Chrono-psychology – junior staff think of past, managers – now, leaders – future. Part of what you manage with change
  • You want my buy in? Tell me what the change means to me
  • Just because no one asks for the measurement report doesn’t mean you don’t need to be doing it
  • Don’t’ make the assumption that everyone wants to work about their work, online or offline
  • Trust is a journey, not an event
  • Leave breathing space in between traditional comms- take down posters, leave white space and people will notice a new one
  • You need to be disruptive to generate creativity
  • Storytelling plays a vital role in engaging the workforce
  • I’m not alone in my love of Simon Sinek!
  • Remember to serve the needs of yr audience, not yourself
  • Value of IC discussion. It doesn’t lie in number of hits on intranet article, it lies in behaviour change and the bottom line
  • When writing for leaders you can’t put jokes in if they don’t joke in real life
  • You can’t put lipstick on a pig, but you can turn it into bacon if you have enough time
  • Staff – your ambassadors – should be treated with the same respect as your customers
  • Digital shouldn’t replace face to face as its easier, establishments need both to maximise reach
  • Every business problem stems from a communications issue – try and find one that doesn’t

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