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13 May 2013
User Generated Video – letting the genie out of its bottle

With only a few weeks to go until the annual IOIC Conference Mark Smith, Founder and Owner of ipadio (sponsors at the event) took some time to tell me (and you) a bit more about where the video trend is going and what you can expect to see from them at the event. Check out this video to see Mark in action showing you what he is talking about below…

It’s generally recognised that great quality corporate videos can do more to enhance a brand than most other media put together. The mix of moving picture, fat beats, smart dialogue and the inevitable voice over by Alexander Armstrong can move the most stubbornly cynical colleague to positive action.

But it’s a wee bit expensive. I first commissioned a 30 minute training video when I worked as an Environmental Manager in a large engineering company back in the 1990’s, I was told the rule of thumb was a grand a minute. Extensive research today (okay so I rang a few pals still doing that kind of work) suggests that’s not far off true today.

But in that time two fundamental things have changed: smartphones popped up and bandwidth increased. So most of us now carry in our pockets a device with a many mega pixel movie camera and a connection that means video can be popped online in a matter of seconds.

That doesn’t of course mean we’ve all just become Martin Scorsese, if your lighting is poor, your hands as wobbly as a 1970’s TV celebrity when there’s a knock at the door and your thumbs over the mic – you will not be winning any awards any time soon.

However with the right kit and a tiny bit of training the costs for corporates to get video in and out of their teams is incredibly cheap. So it was with great pleasure that we’re launching a new way of collecting and distributing UGV content at the IoIC Bristol Conference – where, on the opening evening, I get to share with a willing audience (I will be providing the most free drinks by the way!) our experiences as official suppliers at the London2012 Games where we supplied 50 athletes with apps that allowed them to record little video vignettes of their ‘behind the scenes’ experiences at the greatest show on earth. 700 videos and 500,000 views later we reckoned we’d cracked it!

What’s special about the IoIC event is that we will be launching our new IOS apps specifically tailored to Internal Communicators – which allows you to collect audio, phone casts, video, photos and even submit articles on pads, pods, phablets, tablets, phones and pretty much anything with a keyboard.

I’m also bringing a full on studio with lights and backdrop to capture those precious behind the scenes conference moments.

I will of course be doing that whilst dressed as a genie 😉

Dr Mark K. Smith, CEO
Founder, owner and free drink provider from – who help people reach their hard to reach.

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