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Don't shoot the messenger podcast

How to build a cohesive and diverse culture that’s fit for purpose

In this episode of Don’t Shoot the Messenger, Vicki Marinker talks to Jenni about corporate culture, the challenges facing the physical workplace and how to future-proof your career in communication. The conversation covers the role of communicators in establishing a positive corporate culture, how to recruit for culture fit and build a diverse workforce, toxic …

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Podcast Redefining Comms with Jenni Field

New podcast! Redefining Communications with Jenni Field

Many of you will know I already co-host the Calm Edged Rebels podcast, but I’m taking the plunge and I’ve launched my own podcast: Redefining Communications with Jenni Field! Bite-sized inspiration to take you from chaos to calm Each episode will be no more than 15 minutes long and I’ll be sharing advice to help organisations and teams …

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“The must-have book for every internal communicator in 2021”

In this Internal Comms Pro: The Podcast episode Jenni talks about the need to define internal communication within your organisation, core challenges, how to fill your professional skill gap, culture and the rhythm of the organisation, why gaining influence is your responsibility, where internal communication is headed, and how to be prepared. “Internal communication is …

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Foundations of The Field Model™ and applying it in practice

In this podcast episode for CommsHero, Jenni talks about her book Influential Internal Communication and The Field Model™, which is outlined in the book. She shares her journey whilst doing research, writing, publishing, and promoting. Jenni talks about the two parts to the book: foundations (including The Field Model™) and applying this model in practice. …

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SiteVisibility Internet Marketing Podcast

Turning your internal communication from chaos to calm

In this interview with The SiteVisibility Internet Marketing Podcast – one of the UK’s most popular internet marketing podcasts – Jenni shares the common symptoms of businesses that are suffering from deep-rooted internal communication issues and how we should go about solving them. Jenni also talks about her book, Influential Internal Communication. Listen now

Hybrid working

Hybrid working

Jenni hosts this discussion on CIPR’s quarterly Engage podcast. Jenni explores the different definitions of hybrid working and highlights the influence of organisational culture in adapting to working life in a post-lockdown world. She is joined by: Kate Shaw – Senior Internal Comms Manager for Nationwide Building Society  Martin Flegg – Chair of Inside CIPR committee  Sofia Cann – Head of Marketing …

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Influential Internal Communication

The Internal Comms Podcast – in this episode, Jenni talks to Katie Macaulay about the ideas and frameworks outlined in her new book, Influential Internal Communication. Katie and Jenni talk about chaos – what this looks like from a business perspective and what causes disorder – and how to use communication as a diagnostic tool …

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The power of silence

Internal Miscommunications podcast – Jenni talks about how moments of miscommunications in her past triggered chaos, what she learned from those experiences and how she moved forward with a bright vision for her future. Interviewed by Erica Goodwin and Keith Riley, there is a lot of laughter and some terrible spelling! Listen now

Leadership in unprecedented times

The Internal Comms Podcast – In this episode, Jenni and Katie consider the need for businesses to adapt amid the global coronavirus pandemic, the role of membership organisations in the current climate, and improving diversity and inclusion through education and action, among other topics. Listen now

How do you achieve great communication in a multi-site organisation?

In this Multi-Site Masters podcast, Jenni talks to Lee Sheldon, co-founder of Mastering Multi Units and provides insights as to what an internal communications department should be doing to improve the quality and frequency of the communication within the organisation, as well as sharing her experience regarding the diverse ranges of tools, platforms and apps …

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