We Take The Chaos
Out Of Your Organization

We take the chaos
out of your organization

Redefining Communications is a business communication consultancy that helps you create efficient and engaging workplaces by:

Jenni Field

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Our Expertise Lies In Internal Communication

We are a collective consultancy that helps organizations go from chaos to calm. We work with you to understand how things get done, what stops things from happening and how to implement organizational change. 

Whether it’s for a small business, or a global team, we get to the root cause of chaos, using The Field Model™ framework, to make sure you have engaged employees and efficient processes. 

Are You Ready To Change Your Organization For The Better?

The Key Organizational Pain Points For 2022

From our Reality Check research, we know that these are the areas causing issues for communicators and leaders this year. We had respondents from organizations ranging from less than 500 to over 10,000 employees, operating across the UK, Europe, USA, Africa and Asia. 

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Using The Field Model to move forward

I hired Jenni to come and help us explore what was really going on inside the organisation. We had been through rapid growth and I wanted to explore how we could make sure our people were with us on the journey. She took us through The Field Model and while there were uncomfortable conversations, she always put the team at ease and helped us work through the plan to change. One year later and we have implemented everything. It’s been a journey but it’s helped us make changes that have real impact.

Ben Reynolds, MD, Gallagher Employee Experience and Communication Practice


Praise for Influential Internal Communication by Jenni Field

By sharing The Field Model™, Jenni Field teaches you how to manage a series of conversations to understand, diagnose and fix business problems. She steers clear of the one-size-fits-all solutions and instead guides the reader on a
journey to understand the challenges, symptoms perceptions before identifying potential solutions. The result is sure to create the long-term sustainable change leaders and organizations seek.

Priya Bates, President, Inner Strength Communication, Canada

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Team Friction

If there’s one thing that’s going to hamper progress, it’s team friction. Once it’s taken hold, it can permeate and undermine other areas of the organization.

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The Field Model

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Toxic Culture

Toxic cultures affect productivity, engagement and wellbeing. We need to understand the causes of disengagement, explore lack of trust, and the fear creating a toxic culture. 

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Checking In With Your Culture

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With rapid growth – whatever the size of organization – comes a window of opportunity to adapt, re-evaluate processes and ways of working which, if missed, results in toxic chaos. 

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Chaos To Calm: Organizational Growth

Growth Is Great… So Why Does It Feel So Difficult?

The Field Model

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When chaos hits the leadership team it has a huge impact on the whole organization. It can result from a lack of alignment, inability to make decisions, absence of leadership skills or egos that prevent progress.

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Panoptic – A Diagnostic Tool To Refocus Your Organization

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Mergers And Acquisitions

Mergers and Acquisitions involve change and this leads to ambiguity. Communication during an M&A must be open to clearly define the culture of the new organization and align with it.

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Chaos To Calm: Mergers And Acquisitions 

Case study – Gallagher Employee Experience And Communication

The Field Model

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