How to build a cohesive and diverse culture that’s fit for purpose


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In this episode of Don’t Shoot the Messenger, Vicki Marinker talks to Jenni about corporate culture, the challenges facing the physical workplace and how to future-proof your career in communication. The conversation covers the role of communicators in establishing a positive corporate culture, how to recruit for culture fit and build a diverse workforce, toxic cultures – how they develop and what to do about them, and balancing wellbeing and productivity in organisations post-COVID.

On corporate culture: “The values, mission statement and purpose are incredibly important, yet behaviours are often somewhat lacking when we look at ‘how things are done around here’. How we behave is so representative of the culture. [The fact that] so much of culture is implied is a challenge, which is why communication is so important – the channels and tone that you use are representative of the culture. How does your desired culture manifest in the way that you communicate? This is the tangible bit of culture.”

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