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    Organisations we work with

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    Our expertise lies in internal communication

    We help organisations go from chaos to calm by working with leaders and coaching them to explore their communication style and their impact on the organisation. We work with you to understand how things get done, what stops things from happening and how to implement organisational change. Importantly, we get to the root cause of chaos to make sure you have engaged employees and efficient processes.

    Is your organisation struggling
    with the following?

    Redefining Communications is a business communication consultancy that transforms organisations by improving communication. Our team delivers a range of services including business consultancy, internal communication strategy and implementation, productivity workshops, coaching, event facilitation and keynote speaking.

    Are you ready to change your organisation for the better?

    Is your business chaotic and your growth stagnant?

    Our team can help you to understand what’s really happening in your organisation. To diagnose what’s wrong. And to fix the issues that are holding you back. We can revolutionise your organisation with impactful communication and develop the knowledge and skills your team needs to flourish. Our collective team of experts will work as an extension of your own team.

    "When you come out of the storm you won’t be the same person who walked in. That’s what this storm’s all about."
    Haruki Murakami, Kafka on the Shore

    We can help transform your business by:

    Whether you have six or 80,000 employees, we have an approach, rooted in organisational theory and nearly 20 years’ experience, to help organisations communicate effectively.

    Redefining Communications

    Solving internal communication challenges brings a sense of calm and creates an efficient and engaging workplace. In this short video, Jenni gives an overview of our three service areas: diagnosing what’s wrong, training and coaching and working as an extension of your team.

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    Revolutionise your organisation with impactful communication

    If your organisation feels chaotic, we guarantee that exploring how people communicate and the rhythm of your organisation will make a huge difference. We can work with you in a variety of ways.

    Happy clients

    We’ve been lucky enough to work with some fabulous clients on some fascinating projects to improve business communication. If you’re working with us, we want you to be able to talk about how it has changed your organisation or event.

    Meticulous approach to continuous improvement

    Jenni was meticulous in her approach to helping us understand and gather the feedback we wanted to gather from our staff teams. The in-depth findings provided by Jenni and her team have given us essential and insightful information that we look forward to using in the next stages of our continuous improvement work.

    Sarah Johnson, Operations Director, Amber Foundation

    Using The Field Model to move forward

    I hired Jenni to come and help us explore what was really going on inside the organisation. We had been through rapid growth and I wanted to explore how we could make sure our people were with us on the journey. She took us through The Field Model and while there were uncomfortable conversations, she always put the team at ease and helped us work through the plan to change. One year later and we have implemented everything. It’s been a journey but it’s helped us make changes that have real impact.

    Ben Reynolds, MD, Gallagher Employee Experience and Communication Practice

    Ready to revitalise your organisation?

    Jenni Field is a business consultant with almost 20 years’ experience in communications, specialising in helping organisations go from chaos to calm; working with organisations to help them understand how to get teams to work together better and operations to work more efficiently. Having spent most of her career working inside organisations Jenni has been a global head of communications and communications director, creating functions and managing significant organisational change programmes. Jenni is the author of Influential Internal Communication.

    Need a fresh perspective?

    If you’re a leader or business owner that needs help diagnosing what’s causing chaos, improving your communication and moving towards calm, please get in touch and book a free 15-minute call.