Fear culture hybrid working

How fear and culture will impact hybrid working

In February I wrote about hybrid working and asked if the term is a red herring for leaders. In the blog I said: “So rather …

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Influential Internal Communication – book launch

This week my first book is being published. The idea of writing the book started in May 2019 and with encouragement from those around me …

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How to make your online event a success

For an event organiser, “online” and “virtual” have been the industry buzzwords over the last year. Here Sarah Weston, who is part of the Redefining …

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How to be human

From the start of the day I was hooked. It was an event that had speakers I was connected with on social channels, but hadn’t …

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The power of language

Last week I completed the MHFA England course and I’m now a certified mental health first aider. I took part in the course because I …

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Why you need to invest in your communication skills to stay focused and productive

It’s becoming increasingly hard to focus our attention. We live in a noisy world; one that makes us feel like we need to keep up …

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Refresh your knowledge

Reading, listening and continuous learning is something we really believe in. Here is a collection of our own insights and reports as well as crowd-sourced lists of books and podcasts for you to enjoy.