How to be a leader people will follow

Discover why credibility is the key and how to become a credible leader.

What do people actually look for in leaders?

In 2020, the global pandemic hit everyone, everywhere and leaders were catapulted into new territory.

With leadership behaviour under the microscope, buzz words such as ‘authenticity,’ ’empathy,’ and ‘compassion’ were thrown into the spotlight.

But these are all subjective and can easily be weaponised. So since the pandemic, I’ve been questioning if these are the actual traits that people actually look for in leaders.

I believe what people want is a leader who is credible

Following initial research with my audience into the definition and perception of credibility, I wanted to understand:

  • why we would follow some people, but not others
  • and why we believed some people, but not others.

Both of which form part of credibility. But what makes someone credible?

The traits of credibility

After exploring different leadership types, personality types and academic papers from journals linked to the topic, an initial set of traits of credibility were defined.

I tested the traits, practices and behaviours with leaders and followers, along with an extra hypothesis: ‘Did men and women feel about and prioritise the traits differently?’

The full research report is now available to download to discover the findings and understand the practices that make a leader ‘credible.’

What’s inside the research report?

The eight practices of credible leadership – including capable, trustworthy, visionary and more

A clear definition of credible leadership, that will help you assess your own strengths and weaknesses

What we found out from both men and women - and the differences in how they prioritise the practices

The truth about what followers want from leaders, and how leaders define credibility

99% of leaders said it is very important or important to be seen as credible

Flexibility and empathy are ranked as more important by men

The most important practice is integrity

What practices are you missing?

Discover your Leadership Credibility Gap.

Find out how credible you are and where your gaps are as a leader. This free, easy-to-complete diagnostic tool will help you focus your time and attention in the right places. 

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