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How we can help

Revolutionise your organisation with impactful communication

If your organisation feels chaotic, we guarantee that exploring how people communicate and the rhythm of your organisation will make a huge difference.

Redefining Communications is a consultancy that transforms organisations by improving communication. Our team delivers a range of services including consultancy, communication strategy and implementation, learning and development workshops, coaching, event facilitation and keynote speaking.

Is your organisation:

  • Going through changes?
  • Growing at pace?
  • Experiencing operational bottlenecks?
  • Struggling to get teams to work well together?

Whatever is causing the chaos, we can bring the calm to help you transform your business. Our expertise lies in communication. We work with leaders to help them explore their own style, their impact on the organisation and how things get done. Importantly, we diagnose what stops things happening and ensure that you can fix issues to bring a sense of calm and focus in the long-term.

We can stimulate change by:

  • Getting your people doing what you need them to do, when you need them to do it
  • Helping your teams work better together and get along with each other
  • Stopping you wasting time and money on things that don’t add value to your business.

We work with organisations of all industries and sizes. From a charity and technology company to a fitness and international defence organisation. And from six to 80,000 employees. We have codified an approach, honed over many years, to help organisations communicate effectively.

The Field Model™ seeks to understand, diagnose and fix issues. Whether this is for your communications strategy, a team issue or a leadership development challenge – our model works. All we need is for you to be ready to delve into your organisation, address the things you have brushed under the carpet and be open for a (sometimes difficult) conversation! We will take care of the rest.

Extension of your team

Our combined 32 years’ experience in communication is founded in 29 years as in-house practitioners. As in-house teams we operated as a consultancy, supporting the requirements of functions with events, film, copywriting, imagery and editorial. We managed digital transformation, print channels and campaigns. We worked in small teams, outsourced expertise and managed small budgets.

When we work as an extension of your team, we operate in the same way. Our associates are there to offer the expertise needed for specific projects and work with you to provide support… whatever you’re being asked to do. While we specialise in communication inside your organisation, we have run global communication functions and our associates are experts in marketing and web design, so we’re able to work with you across the full discipline of PR and communications.

Your bespoke team will depend on your needs; and we work with you on site, using your company email address to provide the impression we’re in your team. Whatever you need to deliver, we can do it.

We offer a range of workshops, programmes and support, which can be tailored to your precise needs:

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