Psychological safety and trust are not the same thing

I have been listening to and reading The Fearless Organization by Amy Edmondson. It’s a book that was recommended to me by Dr Kevin Ruck, co-founder of the …

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Why competitive busyness is toxic for you and others around you

I talk a lot about productivity, setting boundaries and managing attention. In the last six months I have seen a huge increase in a sense …

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What is The Field Model™?

The Field Model™ came from a conversation about how I describe what I do. Over the years the need to be mindful, explore other perspectives and manage emotional reactions has led to better conversations and quicker problem solving. Here’s an overview of the three elements of The Field Model™.

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Why we rush to fix before we understand

In my blog, What is The Field Model™? I talk about the three elements of our model: Understand – Diagnose – Fix. In this blog, …

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Trust and narrowing the say-do gap

How often do you say you’re going to do something and then put it on the backburner? Here, Chloe Michel, marketing specialist, and part of …

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What is Mental Resilience?

As a mental resilience trainer, John Humphreys’ goal is to help people learn the art of resilience. John is part of the Redefining Communications collective …

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Refresh your knowledge

Reading, listening and continuous learning is something we really believe in. Here is a collection of our own insights and reports as well as crowd-sourced lists of books and podcasts for you to enjoy.