How to remove bias in the attracting stage

We attended the CIPD Future of Work conference last month and it sparked a number of ideas, the most timely being around the importance of …

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ballerina on point to pivot

How to pivot to drive growth

The word pivot became the word of my social media feeds in the first 4 weeks of lockdown. It’s a word I have seen many …

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The role of the communicator in influence and leadership

There are six pieces of advice that I always give when it comes to leadership and influence. During the MemCom conference this week I chatted …

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Leadership and what we can learn from Darth Vader about Zoom

212 podcast – here is a mini-pod in which Jenni talks about the effect of our new virtual working environment on leadership. She discusses how …

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The science of fear

I’ve spent the last few months reading The Science of Fear by Dan Gardner. It is a book I have recommended to many, quoted several …

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When home-working isn’t always the future you think it is

Since we all shifted to working from home I have been wondering; what will cities and offices look like in the future and what will …

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Refresh your knowledge

Reading, listening and continuous learning is something we really believe in. Here is a collection of our own insights and reports as well as crowd-sourced lists of books and podcasts for you to enjoy.