Checking in with your culture and why the Great Resignation isn’t all bad


Great Resignation Culture

The Great Resignation has put an even bigger emphasis on the importance of company culture in recruitment and retention. In this article published by Kogan Page on its Trending page, Jenni Field talks about the Great Resignation and how it really isn’t something to fear.

“The global pandemic has changed a lot for many around the world. People have relocated to different parts of the country or different countries entirely. People have chosen to retire early, spend more time with their family, take a break… we’ve all been given valuable time to reflect and revaluate. With that comes change.

It’s important to remember that organizations can’t be all things to all people. There’s no point clinging to things and attempting to make things right for everybody – it’s just not possible. This is something that’s worth being mindful of when it comes to culture, purpose, and values.”

Employee retention is a key indicator and in the case of the Great Resignation, Jenni shares some of the symptoms that might manifest, such as the inability to get work done because someone has left mid-way through a project or a lack of strategic clarity if multiple leaders have left.

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