Author: Jenni Field

The best internal communications practices in 2024

I was recently a guest on the Supercharged Change and Comms podcast. Hosted by Pete Hodges and Chris Bradley, the podcast speaks to leaders in ...
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how to listen to employees

How can I be a better listener in leadership?

Effective listening for leaders – and why it’s so important Listening is a topic that comes up a lot in internal communications and employee engagement. ...
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Accountability in leadership

Why leaders struggle with accountability: Navigating challenges and solutions

If we are to lead, we have to be accountable. Yet so many leaders still find it extremely hard. It’s a topic that comes up ...
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Why we need to stop confusing employee engagement and internal communication

The importance of organisational purpose

Are you clear on your organisation’s purpose? Are you communicating it well? And are you embodying it with your actions and decisions? Chances are if ...
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austin distel image of man working at a laptop putting on headphones

Essential leadership skills for remote teams post-COVID: How to lead a remote team successfully

How to lead a remote team effectively? So much has been written about remote working in the last four years, with organisations across the world ...
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Organisational growth

Why rapid organisational growth contributes to chaos – and what you can do to fix it

Rapid organisational growth is often one of the main causes of organisational chaos. When businesses experience a period of growth employees are expected to adapt ...
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Leadership culture intention

The relationship between culture and leadership – and what happens when it breaks down

Establishing the culture of an organisation takes time. Get it right and your employees know what’s expected of them, what they can expect from others, ...
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Overcoming fear and building trust inside your organisation

Overcoming fear and building trust inside your organisation

Nothing creates chaos inside an organisation faster than fear. If not handled correctly, fear of the unknown and fear of change can become breeding grounds ...
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Employee Experience Model

Creating a better experience for your employees: how our model can help

You can’t create a high-performing organisation without creating a better experience for your employees. Yet, so often, this is something that’s only focused on at ...
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“You cannot lead if you cannot communicate” – the importance of clear communication by leaders

In this LinkedIn Audio Live, I talk to Nicola Rylett-Jones, Human Accountability Leader and Executive Coach, about the importance of clear communication by leaders. We ...
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Internal communications trends for 2024

Internal communications trends for 2024 – and how you can make the most of them

Internal communications trends are always a hot topic for those in the industry and in the last three months there have been lots of reports, ...
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Wooden figure standing on the box for show influence and empowerment. Concept of business leadership for leader team, successful competition winner and Leader with influence

What’s your leadership style?

In almost every organisation we work with, leadership emerges as an issue. Failing to get to grips with how you lead, and the subsequent impact ...
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How to focus to achieve your goals

How busy are you today? Chances are your instinctive answer will be “very” – a long to-do list and nowhere near enough time to do ...
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How do you create an employer brand?

There are lots of phrases and concepts linked to employees and their relationship with organisations so it’s worth defining each of these before we go ...
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How to improve your employee engagement scores

Disengagement is distrust. So, if your scores need some improvement, this is always where we start. Distrust is one of the five root causes of ...
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Five ways to build mentally resilient teams

Build mentally resilient teams Building mental resilience is as important for teams as it is for individuals. It’s often helpful to cultivate teams that are ...
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Employee Experience Model

The risk of ignoring the employee experience

For most organisations a risk register exists to make sure everyone knows what could impact the organisation and how to mitigate them. One risk that ...
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How to run more effective meetings

Meetings are a big part of working life for those working in offices, hybrid or remote. They might be online, in-person, or a mixture. Sometimes ...
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Six keys to impactful communication

There is theory behind good communication and whenever you’re looking at making changes either to your individual style or the overall corporate internal communication, there ...
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Staying focused at work

How to focus yourself and be productive

We talk a lot about using communication to improve relationships at work and managing your time and attention is a big part of that. After ...
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Remotely Interested? reloaded

What do deskless workers really need from communication teams?

This week we have launched the findings from our recent Remotely Interested? research. This was a repeat of the survey we carried out in 2019 ...
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Neurodiverse brain

Embracing neurodiversity to build stronger work relationships

Back in May, I spent a couple of days at the Simply IC conference in London, soaking in knowledge and sharing my own insights as ...
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Comms Reboot is coming to London in 2024!

On Saturday 19 October 2024 Comms Reboot, the communication unconference, will be heading to London.
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Remotely Interested? reloaded

Remotely interested? … reloaded for 2023

The research is complete and we can’t wait to share the findings! Four years ago, we completed research into the success of internal communication with ...
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Computer screen with people on it, in front of a globe like structure with faces on

5 tips to build stronger global teams

In this week’s podcast episode of Redefining Communications with Jenni Field, we spoke to Sarah Black, a Redefining Communications collective partner, who works as a ...
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Two shadowed figures in an office background

Mastering difficult conversations

Louisa Clarke is part of the Redefining Communications collective team and a verbal communication expert. She specialises in working with values-led organisations, giving clients the ...
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University of Florida logo

Jenni Field joins University of Florida’s Internal Communication Research Hub thought-leadership programme

Our founder, Jenni Field, has joined 30 distinguished communication professionals from around the globe as a thought-leader for the University of Florida’s Internal Communication Research ...
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Change coach, Jo Twiselton presenting in front of a screen

Why every leader needs a coach through organisational change

Jo Twiselton is a change coach and consultant, who helps to minimise organisation disruption in times of change, create clarity, and build a positive experience ...
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A circle of matches where the tips are all pointing towards each other. One match is lit and looks like it could light all others.

Crises, chaos and calm – maintaining untarnished reputations

Eva Maclaine is a communications strategy, reputation and change management specialist and a member of our collective. An expert in managing change and cross-cultural teams, ...
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10 minutes with Jenni Field

How to communicate in periods of instability

In this episode of 10 minutes with, Amanda Coleman talks to Jenni about what’s important for organisations and leaders when moving from chaos to calm, ...
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Woman waving happily goodbye to former co-workers

Four tips to ensure a smooth separation

Anyone involved in the recruitment process knows it takes a lot of time and effort to find the right candidates and onboard them effectively. Not ...
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Wooden figure standing on the box for show influence and empowerment. Concept of business leadership for leader team, successful competition winner and Leader with influence

How can you influence leaders?

For many this is the ultimate question. And it’s a topic I’ve spoken about at events in London and internationally in recent months. Whatever your ...
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AVID written in blocks

What is the AVID framework?

In our work with teams around the world, we often discuss the different ways you can approach stakeholders internally to engage them about the importance ...
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New Collective team members

Collective team growth in the UK and US

Last June, we announced that our collective team had grown to 18 people. Another year on, and we are delighted to welcome four new people ...
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Employee Experience-Model

What are the stages of the employee lifecycle?

The employee lifecycle typically consists of six stages: attraction, recruitment, onboarding, development, retention, and separation. Each stage presents its own challenges and opportunities, so it’s ...
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A view from the top podcast with Adrian Copley

How to get business outcomes for clients

In this episode of A View From The Top, Adrian Cropley talks to Jenni about her career trajectory from communication officer to business entrepreneur and ...
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Outlines of people in different colours

Does unconscious bias training work? 

We work with clients to help them build a more inclusive workplace – something that should be on the agenda for all organisations. We support ...
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Why employee engagement surveys are measuring the wrong thing

I’ve previously talked about the issue of focusing on employee engagement and how this has been a distraction for leaders and communicators. The phrases “employee ...
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Why are we all so stubborn to change?

In this podcast episode of Comms In A Nutshell by Oak Engage, Jenni talks empowering and supporting change, what processes to use, and how managers ...
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Labotatory science experiment concept, ai generated

What’s the antidote to fixing tricky issues in your organisation?

In Influential Internal Communication, I talk about how communication can be the antidote to the difficult issues causing chaos in an organisation or team. The ...
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Icon Episode 5

Streamline your corporate communication to drive efficiency and engagement

In this podcast episode of ICON by Sparrow Connected, Jenni speaks to Julie Ford, Sparrow Connected Head of Content, as together they challenge conventional thinking about internal ...
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Remotely interested research 2023

New research: are you remotely interested?

Four years ago, we did some research into remote and non-desk based workers. The research resulted in the Remotely interested? report. Working with SocialOptic, we ...
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Why communication is the antidote to organisational chaos

As leaders, we’re often tackling a range of organisational issues, including: lack of accountability, toxic culture, team friction, a disengaged workforce, or people blocking change. ...
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Portrait of Two Creative Colleagues Using Laptop to Discuss Work Project at Office

Three ways to improve your relationships at work

We’ve recently been watching the latest docu-series of Couples Therapy, which follows four couples over six months of weekly treatment. It’s addictive and the fascinating ...
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The dynamics of trust in the workplace

The human. The communicator. The leader. These are three roles that all require a level of trust. We need to trust the people we have ...
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Deep Listening podcast with Oliver Trimboli

How to listen to what boards and executives value in internal communications

In this podcast episode of Deep Listening by Oscar Trimboli, Jenni talks about listening infrastructures and processes, how to use surveys purposefully, and how to ...
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The abstract concept of teamwork, partnership, merger, alliance. Many multi-colored lines merge into a single arrow. Flat vector illustration isolated in white background.

Five steps that can reunite a leadership team

As a leader have you ever been in a meeting where someone says, “Are we all on the same page?” And everyone nods obediently, only ...
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a diverse group of people of different professions

Effective internal communication for frontline workers in a post pandemic world 

In many cases, frontline workers were hit hardest by the COVID-19 pandemic. They may have experienced job loss or furlough, or communication issues while businesses ...
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Young Asian businesswoman work at home and virtual video conference meeting with colleagues business people, online working, video call

Have we forgotten how to be in work relationships?

In this article for Forbes Business Council, Jenni Field shares three things you can do today if you’re starting to see symptoms of your teams ...
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Trends in communications and leadership 2023

Avoiding the hurry habit – trends and why you need to slow down in 2023

It’s that time of year when we all talk about the latest trends in communication and business, what to expect from the year ahead and ...
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Improving relationship leaders comms team

How to improve the relationship between leaders and the communication function

Getting the relationship right between leadership teams and the communication function is critical. When cracks start to appear and communication lacks clarity and focus, chaos ...
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It's not disengagement it's distrust

It’s not disengagement, it’s distrust

Earlier this year I read The Speed of Trust: the one thing that changes everything by Stephen M. R. Covey after a client asked me ...
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Building relationships with leaders

Do you have a seat at the leadership table? As a communicator, do you need one? In this webinar for ICology Presents, I talk about ...
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Fresh perspectives and creative ideas to improve communication

“Why are there no CEOs here?” This was one of the first questions that was asked as we kicked off our communications unconference – Comms ...
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How can we get people to step up, take responsibility and get shit done?

This is a great question. And at the heart of the answer is the need to understand a bit more about motivation.  There are lots ...
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Fundamentals of internal communications part one

The fundamentals of internal communications

The Communications Network is a US-based community that connects leaders from influential foundations, nonprofits and social sector consultancies worldwide, so it was great to be ...
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Matrix organisation communicate clearly

How to communicate effectively within a heavily matrixed global organisation

Communicating effectively in a matrix structure is always going to be complex and challenging. A matrix structure is where someone reports to multiple people. This ...
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Trust credibility building trust

How long does it take to rebuild trust?

That’s the question I was asked by one of my clients recently. It was interesting as I’ve been reading more widely about trust and credibility ...
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Pay attention follow the rules

How do you get staff to pay attention and follow the rules?

When I was asked this as part of our Reality Check research into the issues affecting organisations, this question made me chuckle! To answer, we ...
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Difficult conversation

How can I help my leaders tackle difficult conversations?

Some leaders actively avoid having difficult conversations, while others positively embrace them. Personally, I’m in the latter group, since I think real change can only ...
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Great distraction employee alignment

Is employee engagement the great distraction for internal communication teams?

This year I have seen more conversations about the difference between internal communication and employee engagement than ever before. The difference is that we seem ...
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Collective wisdom – working with a collective consultancy

When you’re working with lots of different organisations – from local entrepreneurs to global teams – the issues are many and varied. It’s one of ...
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Six simple ways to avoid the Great Resignation

One of the most used phrases of 2021 and 2022 has been the Great Resignation. Despite some people thinking that this is a myth (myself ...
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Influential Internal Communication – now available on Audible!

Since I launched my book Influential Internal Communication just over a year ago, I’ve frequently been asked if it’s available in audio. It was really important ...
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Successful business

Five things I’ve learnt about running a successful business

This is a special month for me and the Redefining Communications collective, as we celebrate five years since we launched! A lot has happened since ...
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Model for internal communication

A model for internal communication strategy and planning

What model should I use for internal communication?   It’s a question we get asked a lot – we all love a model or a ...
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Trends in internal communication

The latest trends in internal communication

It’s 2012 and I’m walking into a meeting in the Euston head office of the company I work for… There were about six of us ...
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internal communication audit

How a internal communication audit can help you be less chaotic

Internal communication audits can be hugely helpful in exploring how you change your internal communication channel mix. This is about looking at how people receive ...
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Creative internal communication campaigns – why we need to have more fun!

I was teaching about change communication recently and the discussion unfolded about campaigns to engage employees in a brand change. It dawned on me that ...
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Leadership blockers to change

How do we communicate and bring senior team leaders along on a journey of change?

Organisational change is something we frequently support clients with and we’re often asked about how best to communicate change effectively and bring people along on ...
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Communicating change

Tried-and-tested frameworks for communicating organisational change

We talk a lot about organisational change with our clients. The Field Model™ is designed to help you go from chaos to calm and as ...
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Great Resignation Culture

Checking in with your culture and why the Great Resignation isn’t all bad

The Great Resignation has put an even bigger emphasis on the importance of company culture in recruitment and retention. In this article published by Kogan Page ...
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Inspiring Goodies – reframing leadership, changing habits and finding quiet

The last few months have been focused on reading and professional development for me. I knew the start of the year would be one centred ...
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Managing stakeholders

How to manage stakeholders

In a recent podcast episode, I talked about how to manage stakeholders. A stakeholder is someone who has an interest in the organisation. Stakeholders are ...
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Solving organisational and leadership chaos

Ask me anything: solving communication, leadership and organisational chaos

As part of our Reality check research into the issues and chaos affecting their organisations and teams, we gave respondents the opportunity to ask us ...
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Chaos and disruption in organisations

Reality check – what’s really causing chaos in organisations?

We help clients work out the root cause behind issues that are impacting efficiency and employee engagement. This can often be big-ticket items like mergers ...
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Manifesto for strategic alignment

How a manifesto can help achieve alignment with your strategic narrative

A few years ago I was at an employee engagement conference listening to various internal communicators sharing their case studies. One of them was from ...
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Redefining Comms RASCI

How RASCI can help you gain clarity and calm

Whenever I work with leaders going through The Field Model™ or helping communication teams get their strategy in place, I often use the RASCI framework. ...
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How to solve team friction

How to avoid team friction – from poles apart to pulling together

“We have to allow ourselves to be prepared to be convinced by opposing arguments. We must revisit conclusions as we receive new and relevant information, ...
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Inspiring Goodies – Chicago Fire, The Great Indoors and letting inspiration flow

I’ve realised that I find inspiration in almost everything. From Chicago Fire on Netflix to the way products are packaged as gifts for Christmas. It ...
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Leading remote teams and communication

Cracking the challenges of leading from a distance

We’re very pleased to announce a collaboration with Lee Sheldon at Mastering Multi-Units on his new Leading Remote Teams programme available for teams of up ...
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What is organisational culture

What is organisational culture and is it important?

Following a podcast interview with Vicki Marinker – Don’t Shoot The Messenger – here I share my thoughts and suggestions on how to build a ...
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Master internal communication

How to master internal communication when you’re not a communications professional

Working in communication seems to have been a calling for me from a young age. I took communication, English and business studies for A Level ...
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The Field Report launches on Amazon

We always like to send clients, associates and people who have supported us a gift at the end of every year. This year the Redefining ...
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A time to reflect – a year of variety, insights and community

How has your year been? Productive with a touch of chaos? Or challenging with some key milestones reached? Perhaps a bit of a mixture! Every ...
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Communication Trends 2022

Communication trends in 2022 – and how they’re changing more slowly than we’d like!

It’s that time of year when our social media feeds start to fill with blogs about forecasts, trends and themes to look out for in ...
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Five myths about hybrid working

I recently co-hosted a webinar with best-selling author of Remote Work, Chris Dyer, to explore the pitfalls and assumptions around hybrid working – one of ...
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What is internal communication

What is internal communication?

In this podcast episode, I talk about the difference between employee engagement, employee experience and internal communication and the importance of alignment between all three. ...
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Organisational transformation

The seven essential elements of organisational transformation

Every day leaders are constantly dealing with challenges, change and an inevitable degree of daily firefighting. Striving to focus on the longer-term goals to survive, ...
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What’s the best way to diagnose issues in your organisation?

I think it’s fair to say that internal communications professionals are more likely to count themselves as words people rather than numbers people. However, accessing ...
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diversity and inclusion

Diversity and inclusion: why we need to invest in ourselves and take action to drive change

A few weeks ago I spent a day at a diversity and inclusion workshop. It was through my work with the CIPR and it was ...
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Employee engagement understanding people

Why employee engagement needs to be more than just campaigns and rewards

In 2020 I read The Art of Resilience by Ross Edgley. In the book, Ross shares the story of his swim round the UK. There ...
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Symptoms versus root cause blog

Why we need to understand symptoms versus root cause

If you’re a CEO or senior leader, you’ll understand this feeling… you know something’s wrong but you’re not quite sure why. It might be affecting ...
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Mental resilience water flowing around rock

Ambiguity, resilience, and the Stockdale Paradox

“You need to get comfortable with ambiguity” was what my old boss told me. I really struggled with this, partly because the ambiguity was everywhere, ...
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Culture shock – why we need to be more intentional when communicating organisational culture

I’ve been writing and speaking a lot recently about culture and the return to the office. It’s becoming the topic for everyone in business as ...
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Influential Internal Communication book launch

Champagne, showers, sunshine and celebration!

When my book, Influential Internal Communication, launched in April this year, we were guided by COVID-19 restrictions and I was unable to hold an in-person ...
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recommended reading

Five books to inspire you this summer

I’m always reading or listening to something and so far this year there are five books that have really influenced my thinking. If you’re looking ...
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Working from home reduces productivity by 20%

Last week I shared a podcast clip from The Diary of a CEO. It’s hosted by Stephen Bartlett and in this episode, he interviews retail ...
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Inspiring Goodies – The Bold Type, rest and recuperation, and Rebel Ideas

The Bold Type – showcasing warm, inspirational and strong female leadership I have binge-watched The Bold Type on Netflix in the last few months. For ...
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