Event facilitation

If you’re running an event or need support with a team meeting or a board away day we are accredited in facilitation and able to help. As a business communications strategist, Jenni’s goal is to help clients get to the heart of the issues that are holding them back and help things run smoothly. 

Event facilitation can be for large-scale events in a chair capacity or it for teams that need to resolve a specific issue. We have facilitated events across the UK and Europe.

Jenni is accredited with the Association of Facilitators so not only does she chair and facilitate large events, but she is also able to work with teams inside organisations to help them work through challenges or complex issues such as organisational restructuring.

Costs vary depending on the length of the event and work needed in advance.

Our event facilitation enables you to:

Happy clients

We’ve been lucky enough to work with some fabulous clients on some fascinating projects. If you’re working with us, we want you to be able to talk about how it has changed your organisation or event.
Katie Macaulay

Go-to facilitator

Jenni is our go-to facilitator for our events. She is a natural facilitator – confident, authoritative and highly engaging. In the planning phases, she brings independence and objectivity, challenging our thinking and guiding us towards better solutions.

Katie Macaulay, Managing Director, AB

Need a fresh perspective?

If you’re a leader or business owner that needs help diagnosing what’s causing chaos, improving your communication and moving towards calm, please get in touch and book a free 15-minute call.

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