Understanding the deskless workforce – the results are in


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I know it has been ages since I last blogged but things have taken a turn for the busy!

What I can now do though, is feedback on the results from the survey that I undertook in my first six months. As I started the function here I needed to find out more about what people thought of the current systems. Having asked people on LinkedIn and talking about it on my Diary of an internal communicator blog with Melcrum I thought I should share some of the highlights with you.

80% of my colleagues work on the front line serving customers, so there is no PC access.

I have really enjoyed going out to units and talking to everyone and it is really interesting to see the environments they work in and what pressures they all face day-to-day; how do you engage and communicate with such a diverse and spread out workforce?

So, what did they say…

  • They prefer printed communication over online (either email or intranet)
  • They would like access from home, mobiles or both
  • They would like to find out news about the whole business, not just their area
  • Competitions came out as a big request!
  • There are some areas where our company vision and values are not embedded well
  • We rely too heavily on-line managers as communicators
  • People that need to communicate with the business would like a more streamlined approach
  • Less email!
  • Given the choice, they would like to be referred to as colleagues rather than employees, staff or partners.

This research has given me a real insight into what I need to do to make some changes and I am currently working my way around the business taking people and teams through my proposed changes. So, here’s hoping it all come together!

I am going to the Melcrum conference on 13th October, so if any fellow communicators are going, would be great to catch up.

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