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Here we share insights and advice on a wide range of topics affecting leaders  from effective communication, leadership behaviours and mental resilience, to productivity, culture and how The Field Model™ can help you diagnose what’s wrong in your organisation. Please use the search panel below if there’s a specific topic you’re interested in. And do get in touch if you have any questions.

How to remove bias in the attracting stage

We attended the CIPD Future of Work conference last month and it sparked a number of ideas, the most timely being around the importance of …

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ballerina on point to pivot

How to pivot to drive growth

The word pivot became the word of my social media feeds in the first 4 weeks of lockdown. It’s a word I have seen many …

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The role of the communicator in influence and leadership

There are six pieces of advice that I always give when it comes to leadership and influence. During the MemCom Conference June 2020, I chatted …

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The science of fear

I’ve spent the last few months reading The Science of Fear by Dan Gardner. It is a book I have recommended to many, quoted several …

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How to recapture your work rhythm during and after a crisis

This week I took part in a webinar with Dynamic Signal to talk about how we need to consider the rhythm of work after the crisis. We …

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When home-working isn’t always the future you think it is

Since we all shifted to working from home I have been wondering; what will cities and offices look like in the future and what will …

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