Employee engagement and internal communication are not the same thing

Internal communication was in the spotlight as one of the core disciplines within the communication remit last year. As we’ve moved office teams to work …

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Why being more specific in 2021 is essential for organisations

At the end of last year, I asked my community across LinkedIn and Twitter what they thought the trends were going to be for business …

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Field Notes – a year behind the screen

What a year it’s been! As I write this I’m sitting in my office, surrounded by boxes and debating putting on gloves as it’s so …

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Can’t see the wood for the trees?

People often say we need to stop, slow down, take more time to think about what we’re doing and reflect on the bigger picture. Quite …

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The skills we need to take us into the next era of comms and engagement

The Bionic Business report from simplycommunicate provides insight into the way organisations need to change to adapt to a hybrid working environment in the wake …

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Mental resilience

Spotting burnout: seven ways to solve your stress cycle

I’ve been doing a lot of research recently into mental resilience, reading about the increasing burnout, stress and loneliness we’re experiencing; the sense of being …

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Refresh your knowledge

Reading, listening and continuous learning is something we really believe in. Here is a collection of our own insights and reports as well as crowd-sourced lists of books and podcasts for you to enjoy.