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Essential leadership skills for remote teams post-COVID: How to lead a remote team successfully

How to lead a remote team effectively? So much has been written about remote working in the last four years, with organisations across the world ...
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How to improve your employee engagement scores

Disengagement is distrust. So, if your scores need some improvement, this is always where we start. Distrust is one of the five root causes of ...
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How to run more effective meetings

Meetings are a big part of working life for those working in offices, hybrid or remote. They might be online, in-person, or a mixture. Sometimes ...
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Staying focused at work

How to focus yourself and be productive

We talk a lot about using communication to improve relationships at work and managing your time and attention is a big part of that. After ...
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HR Director article Jenni Field

What does it take to lead in an agile organisation? 

In this article for HR Director, Jenni discusses what it takes to lead in an agile organisation. She shares the trademarks of agile organisations and ...
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Six simple ways to avoid the Great Resignation

One of the most used phrases of 2021 and 2022 has been the Great Resignation. Despite some people thinking that this is a myth (myself ...
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Chaos and disruption in organisations

Reality check – what’s really causing chaos in organisations?

We help clients work out the root cause behind issues that are impacting efficiency and employee engagement. This can often be big-ticket items like mergers ...
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Five myths about hybrid working

I recently co-hosted a webinar with best-selling author of Remote Work, Chris Dyer, to explore the pitfalls and assumptions around hybrid working – one of ...
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HR Director article Jenni Field

Hybrid or herring?

In this article for HR Director, Jenni discusses hybrid working. All our focus and effort is being channelled into defining the hybrid workforce. But is ...
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Culture webinar

Webinar: How to future-proof your culture for the new world of work

The global pandemic has given us a rare opportunity to redefine work and society. But as we navigate these changes we must pay close attention ...
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Why you need to invest in your communication skills to stay focused and productive

It’s becoming increasingly hard to focus our attention. We live in a noisy world; one that makes us feel like we need to keep up ...
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Line managers under the microscope

New research into the role of line managers! Line managers matter; they hold the key to many challenges inside organisations. They are one of the key ...
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Podcast going live!

Starting a podcast has been a topic that has been bubbling around for me over the last year. A few people have suggested doing one ...
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Leadership in unprecedented times

The Internal Comms Podcast – In this episode, Jenni and Katie consider the need for businesses to adapt amid the global coronavirus pandemic, the role ...
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How do you achieve great communication in a multi-site organisation?

In this Multi-Site Masters podcast, Jenni talks to Lee Sheldon, co-founder of Mastering Multi Units and provides insights as to what an internal communications department ...
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