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Supporting growth with ongoing communication consultancy and workshops

Redefining Communications first began working with The North East Local Enterprise Partnership (North East LEP) in 2019. The North East LEP is a public, private and education sector partnership, and one of 38 LEPs in the country. It’s responsible for promoting and developing economic growth across the region. We’ve worked with the team on a …

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Mental resilience water flowing around rock

Ambiguity, resilience, and the Stockdale Paradox

“You need to get comfortable with ambiguity” was what my old boss told me. I really struggled with this, partly because the ambiguity was everywhere, and nothing seemed to make sense: from the strategic narrative to the organisational structure. Since I had this conversation I have read and researched more into how we work as …

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Working from home reduces productivity by 20%

Last week I shared a podcast clip from The Diary of a CEO. It’s hosted by Stephen Bartlett and in this episode, he interviews retail consultant and broadcaster, Mary Portas. The clip I shared (25.30) is the part of the conversation where they discuss remote work and the importance of the office – I agree …

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Power of productivity workshop

For many people, staying focused, using time wisely and having a balance between life and work is a challenge. Productivity isn’t just about ensuring you’re working hard and there is more output. It’s about making sure you’re focused on the right things and your attention is in the right place. It’s also about making sure there …

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Impactful communication workshop

Understanding your communication style, how it impacts others and how to ensure you are communicating effectively makes relationships in the workplace easier. This workshop is for anyone looking to enhance their communications skills. Research tells us that line managers are integral to the engagement of individuals and teams. If we don’t invest in their communication …

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Mental resilience workshop

Time to understand yourself and your emotions with practical advice to recognise stress, manage anxiety and engage the power of your mind. Mental resilience is the process of adapting well in the face of trauma, threats or stress. Mental resilience differs from mental health. It connects to our ability to face challenges and stress positively, to …

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Coaching and mentoring

Jenni works with clients at various stages of their careers, from managing directors to junior and mid-level employees. Jenni doesn’t provide a formal coaching experience; it’s more relaxed, more fluid and bespoke to the individual. You might want to get together in person each week, each month or connect over the phone – whatever you need, we will tailor …

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Event facilitation

If you’re running an event or need support with a team meeting or a board away day we are accredited in facilitation and able to help. As a business communications strategist, Jenni’s goal is to help clients get to the heart of the issues that are holding them back and help things run smoothly.  BOOK JENNI …

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Bespoke communications training

You might need someone to run a workshop based on a specific issue happening within the team or organisation. We can help you create the right workshop to solve your business problem.  As a trained and highly experienced professional speaker, Jenni often speaks at internal events for organisations to help them explore team dynamics, difficult …

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