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Reading, listening and continuous learning is something we really believe in. Our free downloads are split into three sections: resources to tackle communication issues, book and podcast recommendations to inspire you, and research. 

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Resources to tackle communication issues

A guide to using The Field Model

Getting started on the journey from chaos to calm. With practical advice and case studies showing The Field Model in action.

Five elements to building mentally resilient teams

Here we explain the model we’ve created to foster and maintain team resilience.

Five ways to stay focused and productive

Top tips to stay calm and productive in a noisy world.

Seven tips to running better online meetings

How to ensure meetings are productive, decisive and add value.

Six leadership skills to master

The key skills to grow your leadership capabilities.

Six keys to impactful communication

How to excel as a communicator, engage audiences and boost productivity.

Be inspired

Our recommended podcasts

Podcasts that we love; guaranteed to spark ideas.

Refresh your reading

Books recommended by our founder, Jenni Field.

Communication research

Remotely interested?

Our research findings about effectively communicating with remote workers.

Line of Sight

Download our research into line managers.

Communicating with Generations Y and Z

Does content and delivery need to be adapted in the workplace?

Redefining culture

Crowd-sourced views on the meaning of culture.

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