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“Jenni Field is very well-regarded within the internal communications profession. This book deserves to be read not just by Field’s existing followers, but also the CEOs they report to. Packed full of useful advice on how to increase organisational alignment and motivation.” Rob Liddiard, CEO, Yapster

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Streamline your organisation’s communication with powerful and easy-to-follow methodology. Better communication means better business practices as well as increased employee engagement, happier clients and customers, and greater profits. Influential Internal Communication proves how influential internal communication is and shows the measurable impact it has on an organisation’s growth.

For many organisations, employee communication slips down the list of priorities when there are high-pressure, high-stakes challenges. This causes a sense of chaos within the organisation that eventually reaches customers. This book presents a clear, adaptable method to help understand, diagnose and fix communication challenges to transform chaos into calm. 

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Influential Internal Communication will streamline any organisation’s internal communication practices and help drive employee engagement, efficiency and profit.

The book is based on The Field Model™ and draws on research with CEOs and the best insights into people, organisations and chaos. 

The theory is backed up with data and statistics from industry reports on workplace culture and real-world case studies, showing how chaos can impact a range of organisations of varying size and industries. 

You will learn:

  • Why there’s chaos without communication and what toxic chaos looks like
  • How to understand organisations and people
  • How to apply The Field Model™ for the long term
  • Quick tips, case studies and insights from experts like Simon Sinek and Dr Brené Brown. 

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Essential reading for communications professionals and business leaders

Influential Internal Communication

Jenni has had some great conversations about the book, talking to people about what chaos means and how toxic chaos manifests itself, understanding organisations and people, data and diagnostics and how to apply The Field Model™. 

Influential Internal Communication was voted one of the top three books of the year by PR Academy and has also featured in leading industry publications:

Keep calm: fix organisational chaos, streamline communication and drive engagement (Catalyst, IABC)

How to communicate your way from chaos to calm (The Institute of Leadership & Management)

Influential Internal Communication – interview (The Internal Comms Podcast)

The must have book for every internal communicator (Internal Comms Pro: The Podcast)

Jenni’s book is one that should sit on your desk

The book I wish I had when I was starting out in internal communication. Whether you are a newcomer to internal communication or a more seasoned practitioner, you work in organisational design or human resources – Jenni’s book is one that should sit on your desk.

Krishan Lathigra, Interim Head of Internal Communication & Engagement, UK Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport

Jenni shows the way

Jenni’s model is business performance-focused, insightful and comprehensible. Leaders need to understand change dynamics and effectively engage with people; Jenni shows the way.

David Stringer-Lamarre, Chair, IoD London Region and MD, Fortis Consulting London

Valuable ideas and practical solutions

An eclectic collection of valuable ideas and practical solutions for everyday internal communication challenges. This is a useful guide for practitioners who are interested in taking a broader perspective to practice that incorporates understanding people and organisations.

Dr Kevin Ruck, Co-founder, PR Academy

A transformational book

A transformational book from a transformational and passionate professional. There is no employee engagement without internal communications and this book will help you deliver both effectively.

Matt Manners, CEO & Founder, Inspiring Workplaces Group

Not only for comms professionals

Jenni hits the nail on the head with her practical guidance and commentary of internal communications from the outset. This is not only a book for communications professionals but all leaders.

Amazon customer

The must-have book

The must-have book for every internal communicator. This pulls it all together and helps you with some blind spots… now I have the answers!

Sara Jackson, Internal Comms Pro: The Podcast

Jenni Field author biography

Jenni Field is a business communications strategist with nearly 20 years’ experience in communications. She has worked at director level for numerous organisations including the global pharmaceutical company Perrigo. Jenni was the 2020 President of the CIPR and is both chartered and a fellow of the Institute. She has been quoted by The Times, Raconteur and is listed in the Inspiring Workplaces’ Top 101 Global Employee Engagement and Experience Influencers. She has spoken globally about her research into deskless workers. She has also published The Field Report

As well as running her consultancy, Jenni speaks regularly for organisations and at industry events and co-hosts an award-winning podcast. Jenni works with organisations of all shapes and sizes to really make a difference, bringing a sense of calm among the chaos! 

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