Chaos to calm: Understanding the difference between empathy and compassion S3 E9

Understanding the difference between empathy and compassion

In this episode, Jenni talks about the differences between compassion and empathy. She asks whether we need it, if we can build and grow it, and addresses some of the myths around empathy, especially when it comes to leadership. She also discusses how trust links to leadership and how this is all connected. Jenni looks at different aspects to consider when you are trying to build and grow empathy or if you are advising leaders on how they might want to do things a little differently.

Things that will help you go from chaos to calm:

Poles Apart by Alison Goldsworthy, Laura Osborne and Alexandra Chesterfield

7 habits of highly effective people by Stephen Covey

Empathy: Why it matters, and how to get it by Roman Krznaric

Atlas of the Heart by Brené Brown

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