How to be a credible leader

Discover what it takes to be a leader people will follow and find out what’s stopping you being believed by those you lead. 

Credibility is what happens when effective communication meets true accountability

Many leaders think they are doing everything right. And yet, they are running an ineffective team or organization. We see this in retention numbers, profitability, innovation, productivity and broader employee engagement scores. If a leader wants to succeed, they have to look at their behaviours, their communication style and their ability to build relationships with those they want to lead.

Book launch October 2024

Nobody Believes You - How to Become a Leader People Will Follow

The book will explore how we as individuals build and undermine ourselves on a daily basis in the workplace (often as an unintended consequence) and what we all can do to become more credible so that others will believe and follow us.

Based on four years of research, the book delves into the eight practices of credibility including empathy, trust, and capability.

Each chapter will share insights that already exists about emotions, behaviours, leadership, and remote work to explore what is required to lead and manage teams well in a post pandemic world.

You will learn why the problem is closer to home and practical skills and strategies to make a difference to your relationships at work.

Because if nobody believes you, they won’t follow you.

research report

Become a leader people will follow

After exploring different leadership types, personality types and academic papers from journals linked to the topic, an initial set of traits of credibility were defined.

I tested the traits, practices and behaviours with leaders and followers, along with an extra hypothesis: ‘Did men and women feel about and prioritise the traits differently?’

The full research report is now available to download to discover the findings and understand the practices that make a leader ‘credible.’

Discover your credibility gap

free credibility GAP assessment

This Assessment has been developed to help you quickly identify your gaps in credibility. It will help you identify which practice or practices you need to improve.

If you want to be a leader people will follow, with a better understanding about how take practical steps to make a difference to your team, this will give you a place to start.

Season 5 is now available ...

Nobody Believes You: The Importance of Empathy as a Leader S5 EP3


Nobody Believes You: Building Your Capability as a Leader S5 EP2


Nobody Believes You: What is Credible Leadership? S5 EP1


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