What makes up your job?


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At the summer drinks for CIPR Inside last week I had some great conversations with some old faces and some new.

For a while now I’ve been thinking about the balance of work/life and also what makes up the job you do. More and more I hear people talk about their lack of time to do anything and when our focus is on CPD it’s easy for this to fall off the list at work.

So after some discussions on Wednesday, it got me thinking – what makes up a normal day at work? And why do people keep saying they don’t have time to do the things that are part of their job?

I’ve wasted a day in meetings

Part of your job is having meetings. We need them to discuss how to move things forward, to discuss issues we are having and to make decisions with stakeholders included. It is not a waste of time as without them, we wouldn’t be able to do our job. Now I know sometimes there are meetings that do seem a little pointless which is why for every meeting I have I make sure I know why I’m invited, what the objective is and what outcome the organiser is looking for.

I don’t have time to spend in the business

Part of the job of an internal communicator is keeping the bridge between the centre and field. If you spend all your time in the centre, you can lose touch with the business. The senior leadership teams often look to you to be the person in the know so you have to make sure this is part of your job. Spending a day in the field is invaluable. It can help you solve problems you might be having or clarify the issues you think are out there.

I don’t have the time to attend that course/webinar/conference

You do. If you really valued your own development you would make time. It’s really that simple. I can be guilty of missing out on development when it is a free to attend event or webinar but the truth is, I can make the time to go. Whenever I go to a conference it gives me amazing clarity and focus on my role. Taking that step away from the business you work in all the time is a great way to look at the issues differently and give you ideas to take forward. You need to make sure you are developing your skills so that you are able to give your employer the best ideas, service and value for money possible.

Time is precious but the responsibility for your time rests with you. Your job is not just about sitting at your desk and responding to emails – it is so much more than that…..

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