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Employee Experience Model

Creating a better experience for your employees: how our model can help

You can’t create a high-performing organisation without creating a better experience for your employees. Yet, so often, this is something that’s only focused on at ...
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How do you create an employer brand?

There are lots of phrases and concepts linked to employees and their relationship with organisations so it’s worth defining each of these before we go ...
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How to improve your employee engagement scores

Disengagement is distrust. So, if your scores need some improvement, this is always where we start. Distrust is one of the five root causes of ...
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Employee Experience Model

The risk of ignoring the employee experience

For most organisations a risk register exists to make sure everyone knows what could impact the organisation and how to mitigate them. One risk that ...
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How to run more effective meetings

Meetings are a big part of working life for those working in offices, hybrid or remote. They might be online, in-person, or a mixture. Sometimes ...
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Remotely Interested? reloaded

What do deskless workers really need from communication teams?

This week we have launched the findings from our recent Remotely Interested? research. This was a repeat of the survey we carried out in 2019 ...
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Neurodiverse brain

Embracing neurodiversity to build stronger work relationships

Back in May, I spent a couple of days at the Simply IC conference in London, soaking in knowledge and sharing my own insights as ...
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Comms Reboot is coming to London in 2024!

On Saturday 19 October 2024 Comms Reboot, the communication unconference, will be heading to London.
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Remotely Interested? reloaded

Remotely interested? … reloaded for 2023

The research is complete and we can’t wait to share the findings! Four years ago, we completed research into the success of internal communication with ...
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Computer screen with people on it, in front of a globe like structure with faces on

5 tips to build stronger global teams

In this week’s podcast episode of Redefining Communications with Jenni Field, we spoke to Sarah Black, a Redefining Communications collective partner, who works as a ...
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Woman waving happily goodbye to former co-workers

Four tips to ensure a smooth separation

Anyone involved in the recruitment process knows it takes a lot of time and effort to find the right candidates and onboard them effectively. Not ...
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Employee Experience-Model

What are the stages of the employee lifecycle?

The employee lifecycle typically consists of six stages: attraction, recruitment, onboarding, development, retention, and separation. Each stage presents its own challenges and opportunities, so it’s ...
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Outlines of people in different colours

Does unconscious bias training work? 

We work with clients to help them build a more inclusive workplace – something that should be on the agenda for all organisations. We support ...
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How to measure the effectiveness of internal communication

Why employee engagement surveys are measuring the wrong thing

I’ve previously talked about the issue of focusing on employee engagement and how this has been a distraction for leaders and communicators. The phrases “employee ...
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Color horizontal shot of two hands holding a caliper and measuring the word "culture".

Measuring culture in organisations

We’ve all heard the stories of free food at Twitter and pool tables at Google. As someone who has worked in the technology industry for ...
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Labotatory science experiment concept, ai generated

What’s the antidote to fixing tricky issues in your organisation?

In Influential Internal Communication, I talk about how communication can be the antidote to the difficult issues causing chaos in an organisation or team. The ...
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Icon Episode 5

Streamline your corporate communication to drive efficiency and engagement

In this podcast episode of ICON by Sparrow Connected, Jenni speaks to Julie Ford, Sparrow Connected Head of Content, as together they challenge conventional thinking about internal ...
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Remotely interested research 2023

New research: are you remotely interested?

Four years ago, we did some research into remote and non-desk based workers. The research resulted in the Remotely interested? report. Working with SocialOptic, we ...
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4 or 5 day work week symbol. Turned the cube and changed words '5 day work week' to '4 day work week'. Beautiful orange background. Copy space. Business and 4 or 5 day work week concept.

Why a four-day work week isn’t the answer

Flexible working has been on the rise for a while now, and with good reason. Allowing employees to tailor their work schedules to fit their ...
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Young Asian businesswoman work at home and virtual video conference meeting with colleagues business people, online working, video call

Have we forgotten how to be in work relationships?

In this article for Forbes Business Council, Jenni Field shares three things you can do today if you’re starting to see symptoms of your teams ...
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Employee experience and communication

Making internal communication the backbone of your employee experience journey

In this article for IABC’s publication, Catalyst, our employee experience strategist, Lucy Kemp discusses why making internal communication the backbone of your employee experience journey ...
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Trends in communications and leadership 2023

Avoiding the hurry habit – trends and why you need to slow down in 2023

It’s that time of year when we all talk about the latest trends in communication and business, what to expect from the year ahead and ...
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Engagement, employee experience, and internal communication – what’s the difference?

In this Engagement Express podcast episode, Jenni talks to Kate Isichei about the difference between employee engagement, employee experience (EX) and internal communication (IC). The ...
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Great-employee-experience (1)

Why you should improve your employee experience

When people ask me what I do, the question that almost always follows is: “But what on earth is employee experience?!” Employee experience (or EX) ...
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Trust credibility building trust

How long does it take to rebuild trust?

That’s the question I was asked by one of my clients recently. It was interesting as I’ve been reading more widely about trust and credibility ...
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Frontline workers blog for Blink Jenni Field

Frontline workers – protecting the “third space”

In this blog for Blink, global communication expert, Jenni Field shares her advice for improving communication with frontline workers. “We must reach this audience in ...
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What’s the best way to diagnose issues in your organisation?

I think it’s fair to say that internal communications professionals are more likely to count themselves as words people rather than numbers people. However, accessing ...
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Podcast Redefining Comms with Jenni Field

New podcast! Redefining Communications with Jenni Field

Many of you will know I already co-host the Calm Edged Rebels podcast, but I’m taking the plunge and I’ve launched my own podcast: Redefining Communications with ...
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line manager research

Line managers need investment in communication skills and relevant content from the centre

Throughout March and April, we carried out some research into the role of line managers in organisations. This is for line managers to tell us ...
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Psychological safety and trust are not the same thing

I have been listening to and reading The Fearless Organization by Amy Edmondson. It’s a book that was recommended to me by Dr Kevin Ruck, co-founder of the ...
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Podcast going live!

Starting a podcast has been a topic that has been bubbling around for me over the last year. A few people have suggested doing one ...
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How to recapture your work rhythm during and after a crisis

This week I took part in a webinar with Dynamic Signal to talk about how we need to consider the rhythm of work after the crisis. We ...
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Building a business case for internal communications

StreamGO podcast – This episode takes a close look at research conducted by Jenni: Remotely Interested, to discover why non-desk based workers are one of the ...
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