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Organisational growth

Why rapid organisational growth contributes to chaos – and what you can do to fix it

Rapid organisational growth is often one of the main causes of organisational chaos. When businesses experience a period of growth employees are expected to adapt ...
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“You cannot lead if you cannot communicate” – the importance of clear communication by leaders

In this LinkedIn Audio Live, I talk to Nicola Rylett-Jones, Human Accountability Leader and Executive Coach, about the importance of clear communication by leaders. We ...
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How do you create an employer brand?

There are lots of phrases and concepts linked to employees and their relationship with organisations so it’s worth defining each of these before we go ...
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Five ways to build mentally resilient teams

Build mentally resilient teams Building mental resilience is as important for teams as it is for individuals. It’s often helpful to cultivate teams that are ...
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Change coach, Jo Twiselton presenting in front of a screen

Why every leader needs a coach through organisational change

Jo Twiselton is a change coach and consultant, who helps to minimise organisation disruption in times of change, create clarity, and build a positive experience ...
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10 minutes with Jenni Field

How to communicate in periods of instability

In this episode of 10 minutes with, Amanda Coleman talks to Jenni about what’s important for organisations and leaders when moving from chaos to calm, ...
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AVID written in blocks

What is the AVID framework?

In our work with teams around the world, we often discuss the different ways you can approach stakeholders internally to engage them about the importance ...
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Why are we all so stubborn to change?

In this podcast episode of Comms In A Nutshell by Oak Engage, Jenni talks empowering and supporting change, what processes to use, and how managers ...
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Why communication is the antidote to organisational chaos

As leaders, we’re often tackling a range of organisational issues, including: lack of accountability, toxic culture, team friction, a disengaged workforce, or people blocking change. ...
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The dynamics of trust in the workplace

The human. The communicator. The leader. These are three roles that all require a level of trust. We need to trust the people we have ...
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Difficult conversation

How can I help my leaders tackle difficult conversations?

Some leaders actively avoid having difficult conversations, while others positively embrace them. Personally, I’m in the latter group, since I think real change can only ...
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Solving organisational and leadership chaos

Ask me anything: solving communication, leadership and organisational chaos

As part of our Reality check research into the issues and chaos affecting their organisations and teams, we gave respondents the opportunity to ask us ...
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Chaos and disruption in organisations

Reality check – what’s really causing chaos in organisations?

We help clients work out the root cause behind issues that are impacting efficiency and employee engagement. This can often be big-ticket items like mergers ...
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organisational growth

Growth is great… so why does it feel so difficult?

In this article for Strategic, Jenni Field talks about growth, how chaos can occur during periods of organisational growth and how to overcome the challenges. ...
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What’s the best way to diagnose issues in your organisation?

I think it’s fair to say that internal communications professionals are more likely to count themselves as words people rather than numbers people. However, accessing ...
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Symptoms versus root cause blog

Why we need to understand symptoms versus root cause

If you’re a CEO or senior leader, you’ll understand this feeling… you know something’s wrong but you’re not quite sure why. It might be affecting ...
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Why we rush to fix before we understand

In my blog, What is The Field Model™? I talk about the three elements of our model: Understand – Diagnose – Fix. In this blog, ...
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Podcast going live!

Starting a podcast has been a topic that has been bubbling around for me over the last year. A few people have suggested doing one ...
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How to recapture your work rhythm during and after a crisis

This week I took part in a webinar with Dynamic Signal to talk about how we need to consider the rhythm of work after the crisis. We ...
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