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When you’re working with lots of different organisations – from local entrepreneurs to global teams – the issues are many and varied. It’s one of the things I love about my job! Different projects or retainers demand different expertise, so we work as a collective team that has now grown to 18 talented people.

Every member of our team runs their own business, but they are on hand to work with us on anything from long-term change projects to short-term crisis management, and from workshops to executive coaching. We can parachute in, or work as an ongoing extension of a client’s team. Working together like this enables us to combine our knowledge and expertise and deliver a strong solution for clients. The added benefit is that clients work with experts and have flexible access to all of them.

Meet our collective team

Our experts are some of the best in the industry and they include global communications, copywriting, inclusion, cultural change, events, graphic design and internal communication professionals. We also have some executive coaches to help leadership teams thrive and digital experts too. 

We have one client we have worked with for nearly four years, and they’ve tapped into expertise in graphic design, diversity and inclusion, digital workplace and communication skills training. It’s this flexibility for clients that I wanted when I started Redefining Communications in 2017 and it’s proven to be the best model in an ever-changing world.

Four long-standing members of our collective share why they enjoy working this way:

“What I love about working independently is the variety of work and groups of people I get to work with. When you work with the Redefining Communications collective you get fresh energy and perspectives and can join forces on really interesting projects. We’re all more powerful together than we are alone; you get the benefit of working in a brilliant team and the flexibility to balance your own needs. And it’s fun, we really enjoy working together to solve the client’s challenges, it’s like being a special group of fixers, and that always feels good.”

Katie Marlow, Internal communications specialist

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“I enjoy the way teams change from project to project, so you know the people you’re working with are the right ones to do the work – and you know you are too. Plus, I enjoy the no-nonsense approach to getting the work done – I’ve always liked Jenni’s straight-forward approach, and I think this is reflected in the wider team, which is great. I always enjoy the moment when the client’s eyes are opened to – and excited by – a different approach to the one they thought they wanted or needed.”

Adam Mitchinson, Brand design consultant

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“I have a dual role at Redefining Communications – I work as part of the collective team and as marketing lead. It’s great working on copywriting projects with clients like LifeArc and BAE Systems because I get to experience the delivery side of the business too and the high standards we hold ourselves to. I’ve worked as a consultant for 20 years – often within the collective model – and I really enjoy the variety of topics, new challenges, meeting other like-minded professionals and constantly learning. I particularly love the Redefining Communications approach to getting things done and making a real impact.”

Chloe Michel, Marketing specialist and copywriter

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“I love being part of the collective; the opportunity to work in different groups depending on the client’s needs is wonderful. The positivity and can-do approach are always apparent and echoed in client feedback.”

Sarah Weston, Events management specialist

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If you’d like to find out more about working with the Redefining Communications collective team, please get in touch, I’d be happy to chat.

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