Five myths about hybrid working



I recently co-hosted a webinar with best-selling author of Remote Work, Chris Dyer, to explore the pitfalls and assumptions around hybrid working – one of the most talked-about terms of 2021. I discussed what we should be focusing on in organisations today and dispel five myths about hybrid working.

The myths about hybrid working are:

  1. It’s all about location – it’s not, it can’t be when the work has changed so much around us.
  2. It’s all new – it’s not, we’ve been hybrid working for a while now, we just didn’t brand it that way.
  3. People are distracted at home – they’re not; they’re distracted anywhere!
  4. Everything can be recreated in a digital world – we just can’t create impromptu chats or “water cooler” moments online.
  5. It’s the answer – it’s not, and we can’t just be focusing on locations, it has to be about culture and a much broader “freedom within a framework”.

While discussing the culture and structural impact of using this model, we also provided practical and strategic advice. If you missed it, you can view the webinar in full here:

I share my thinking about the pandemic revolution in this article and talk about hybrid working in this podcast episode. If you’d like to talk about your culture and any chaos created by hybrid working, I’m happy to chat about any of these issues, please do get in touch.

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