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A view from the top podcast with Adrian Copley

In this episode of A View From The Top, Adrian Cropley talks to Jenni about her career trajectory from communication officer to business entrepreneur and how she uses her strategic prowess to get business outcomes for her clients. The pair speak  in depth about delivering value to an organisation and leading as a senior advisor, and even take a trip down memory lane, exploring the early days of internal communication.

“The common thing that I tend to see is making sure that you’re addressing the business problems through improving communication. That’s something I learned early on. You can see how The Field Model came about for me as a consultant in terms of that Understand, Diagnose, and Fix.
“You have to get involved with the operations and the rhythm of an organisation and how it flows because you can’t put a communication function in or the structure in without looking at how things move and how things get done. If you ignore that, and just look at channels, you’re not going to succeed because you’re just papering over the cracks.”

Listen for Jenni’s pearls of wisdom for getting ahead in your communication career.

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