Inspiring Goodies: the people who inspire me, five seconds and leaders with purpose



What’s inspired me in the last month? Here are three things you can listen to (podcast episode and a book) and read (book and report)!

Sharing insights on my podcast
In the final episode of series two of my podcast (Calm Edged Rebels) the three of us discuss those who inspire us. We talk about celebrities, non-celebrities and how we draw on that inspiration as we need it. What I love about this conversation is that inspiration means different things to each of us. It’s made me realise what I find inspirational in others and what I admire and how inspiration is a loaded term. I clearly draw a lot of inspiration from those in the fitness industry as it helps me with resilience and focus! If you give it a listen you’ll no doubt enjoy the bit about Tom Cruise and you’ll find out how you can win a bar of Tony’s Chocolonely chocolate!

The 5 Second Rule
5, 4, 3, 2, 1 move! I’ve been listening to Mel Robbins in March and her book The 5 Second Rule (no, it’s not about how long you can leave food on the floor). I’m a big fan of audible and books have kept me company on my walks in the last 14 months! If you’re looking for a technique to beat procrastination and get out of your own head, this is the book for you. Two things that stood out for me in the book:

• I am using the tool to get moving. It’s helping me get my walks in every day
• It’s not about the outcome. It’s not about what happens when I do the thing after I countdown, it’s about the fact I am moving forward towards my goals. This is the most powerful thing I have taken away from the book.

The book is available on audible, read by Mel (which I also love because it’s great to hear the author speaking).

Context collapse and what this means for leaders in a digital age
If you read one report this half of the year, make it this one on Leadership’s Digital Transformation. I’ve already shared it multiple times and have to thank Dr Jon White for sharing it with a community I’m part of. It covers a breadth of topics but all focused on leadership in the digital era. The report shares findings from a recent study and it proves the importance of purpose and the value of diversity in teams. It explores the concept of context collapse – how social media has flattened multiple audiences into one – and how this has been heightened by the pandemic. It covers boundaries and work hours – it covers a lot! From the team at MITSloan Management Review it’s one to read to help you build your leadership development strategy.

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