Making internal communication the backbone of your employee experience journey


Employee experience and communication

In this article for IABC’s publication, Catalyst, our employee experience strategist, Lucy Kemp discusses why making internal communication the backbone of your employee experience journey is the only way to go. Lucy talks about how careers have changed, where internal communication fits in on the employee journey, and she also shares a real-life example that resulted in a 23% drop in attrition.

“Often, when we think about the employee experience (EX) journey, we put internal communications into one of the phases. Usually engagement. But why is that? Yes, engaging with our people is a key priority for internal communications teams, but why are we leaving it to the engage phase to start?

Now, I may have a slight bias toward internal communication given that my experience is rooted in it, and it is my first love when it comes to my career — you never forget your first love! I always tell the companies I’m working with that great internal communication is what will make your employee experience journey a success.”

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