Growth is great… so why does it feel so difficult?


organisational growth

In this article for Strategic, Jenni Field talks about growth, how chaos can occur during periods of organisational growth and how to overcome the challenges. The article includes some practical tips for improving your communication and team relationships when navigating periods of organisational growth.

“With rapid growth – whatever the size of the organisation – comes an important window of opportunity to adapt, re-evaluate processes and ways of working. If you miss this window it can result in toxic chaos, which can lead to poor decision making, loss of purpose or lack of connection with employees.

The difficult thing about growth is you have to look at the whole organisation all at once. Symptoms of rapid growth include leaders not knowing how to grow, poor hiring choices, people off on stress leave, cultural friction – from the old to the new, lack of transparency about business performance, and leaders not doing what they say they will (the say-do gap).”

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