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Starting a podcast has been a topic that has been bubbling around for me over the last year. A few people have suggested doing one and I know that doing podcasts or videos is more engaging than just writing.

In mid-July I got a moment of inspiration and discussed the idea with my good friends Advita Patel and Trudy Lewis. We chat constantly about communications, business, frustrations and challenges and we have decided to take those conversations and turn them into a podcast.

We have called our podcast Calm Edged Rebels. We explain why in the trailer which you can listen to wherever you get your podcasts and the first episode will drop into your ears on 1 October where we talk about imposter syndrome.

There will be new episodes every two weeks and we have decided to do this in seasons with 6 episodes in each. They are all under 40 minutes in length so we hope the perfect amount of time for you to listen while you’re driving, walking, cooking or whatever you do when you listen.

We’d love your feedback and love for you to subscribe – we can promise good conversation, practical tips and a few laughs too!

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