Nobody Believes You: Building Your Capability as a Leader S5 EP2


In the second episode of Season 5, Jenni discusses the practice of capability as a crucial component of credible leadership. She explores the definition of capability, the chaos that ensues from its absence, and draws from her professional experiences to illustrate its impact on organisational credibility.

Jenni outlines three key areas to build capability in leadership: industry knowledge, action-taking, and respect. She also touches on the challenges of demonstrating leadership capability without prior experience and emphasises the importance of continuous learning and mutual respect in effective leadership.

Episode Timestamps:

  • 00:49 – Defining Capability in Leadership
  • 02:38 – The Chaos of Lacking Capability
  • 02:59 – Real-World Examples of Capability Issues
  • 06:35 – Building Capability as a Leader

When I talk about being capable, I define it as a leader who demonstrates their ability to take action, to move forwards and to have the confidence in their decisions and their abilities to do this. A credible leader is someone who is capable of making a good decision and they’re willing to commit to a path. – Jenni Field

Key Takeaways From This Episode:

  • Capability includes experience in the industry or role, respect for those you lead and taking action
  • Chaos can be caused by a lack of capability which includes disrespect from team members when they don’t believe you’re capable, avoidance, conflict and challenging relationships
  • Leadership respect is earned, not simply given due to position
  • You can develop your capability by sharing personal experiences and stories, taking action, respecting team members and serving them, as well as continuous learning and self-development

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