The root cause of chaos


The root cause of chaos

In this podcast interview with Entrepreneurs Get Visible, Jenni Field talks to Anna Parker-Naples about how to acknowledge, identify and get to the core of what’s going on behind the scenes in your business that’s holding you back, so that you can propel yourself forward.

Jenni discusses, what chaos in a business looks like, how to identify when communication has become a problem, and the steps you need to take if everything feels like it’s falling apart. The sooner you can acknowledge things are not great, the sooner you can fix the issues, and then reach the point of calm.

“We talk about chaos and we talk about toxic chaos. Every organisation will have chaos because organisations are complex… Chaos will always exist to some degree, but we can bring balance. Where we get into toxic chaos – chaos that’s causing issues – is where you’ve got symptoms like people off on stress, or sick leave, meetings are happening but nothing’s actually moving forward. You might have focus on the financial side of the business to the detriment of people. There are lots of different things.”

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