What does it take to lead in an agile organisation? 


HR Director article Jenni Field

In this article for HR Director, Jenni discusses what it takes to lead in an agile organisation. She shares the trademarks of agile organisations and why operating in an agile environment isn’t easy. The article also covers the three key leadership traits essential to being agile: adaptability, humour, and a sense of hopeful equanimity.

First published in theHRDIRECTOR, December 2022. Reproduced with permission.

“Being agile is all about holding the tension between creating a clear overarching vision, while implementing a strategy that allows for flexibility. Any leadership team needs to have a clear strategic narrative to align people to – this needs to come first; you’re never going to achieve engagement without it. This alignment to the strategy must exist to lead effectively in an agile environment.” 

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