Why we need to stop confusing employee engagement and internal communication


Why we need to stop confusing employee engagement and internal communication

In this article for Forbes, Jenni Field asks whether leaders have been so focused on employee engagement that it’s become an unhelpful diversion for the internal communication function. Jenni picks up on a theme that she’s increasingly seeing – the confusion between employee engagement and internal communication.

The article looks at the difference between internal communication and employee engagement and the importance of defining the purpose of internal communication in your organisation. Jenni also shares four tips for differentiating internal communication and employee engagement.

If we continue to confuse employee engagement and internal communication, there is risk to productivity and the bottom line. That might sound bold for something like communication, which is often viewed as a soft skill, but it’s true. If the senior team isn’t certain what they want from the communications team, then any direction is possible. The job post needs to be clearer; if you’re asking someone to help align employees to a strategy and communicate your business’ actions in order to engage them in the long-term, say that.

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