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New Collective team members

Last June, we announced that our collective team had grown to 18 people. Another year on, and we are delighted to welcome four new people to our collective consultancy team. They join us to help us meet client demand, support our international reach, and bring specific coaching and training expertise to organisational challenges. So, a big welcome to Rupa, Louisa, Rachel and Simon!

Rupa Bharadva is a seasoned copywriter and communications professional. She joined our collective to support some client work where we needed to be on site to run focus groups and interviews. Having communication experts on hand to help with the diagnosis phase of The Field Model is important. When we work on projects to drive engagement, we need to make sure we have enough people in enough locations to support clients.

Louisa Clarke is a qualified and highly experienced verbal communication specialist. She is on hand to support clients who need some help with difficult conversations. This is an area that has come up several times in discussion with the leaders that we work with when we look at organisational chaos. We wanted to make sure we could offer this as part of the collective team as it’s a tricky subject.

Rachel Medanic helps companies foster more human and vibrant workplaces. She has joined us from across the pond and is based in the San Francisco Bay Area. Rachel is supporting me in delivering The Field Model for internal communications for an organisation based in the area. Having people with local knowledge, nearby to support the client is important, especially with different time zones! Rachel has been running focus groups, one-to-one interviews, meeting observations and facilitation for values-based conversations – and we aren’t finished yet!

Simon Thompson is a digital workplace consultant who is helping us with two digital projects – reviewing existing design and recommending changes to help those using SharePoint. The need for additional support around all things digital is continuing to grow, so I’m really pleased we have some extra support here for those projects. Simon works alongside Paul Thomas who has been with us since April.

We’re really looking forward to working with Rupa, Louisa, Rachel and Simon, alongside our existing team of experts who we already work with on a wide variety of client projects. Find out more about our collective team or and how we can offer project support.

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