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Since I launched my book Influential Internal Communication just over a year ago, I’ve frequently been asked if it’s available in audio. It was really important for me to make my book as accessible to as many people as possible and, although I share a lot of my thinking in my bite-sized podcast, I wanted to enable people to dive deeper if they wanted to.

I often listen to books on walks or while travelling and sometimes I end up buying them in physical copy as well so I can highlight and mark with post-it notes afterwards.

​​And so, I headed to the recording studio!

This was a great experience and I’d like to thank Bengo Media for their support throughout the process. I had Lisa as my producer in the studio which made the whole process much easier! This wasn’t the first time in a studio like this so that helped but I haven’t done anything that involves reading something so intently for so long. The focus required to read exactly what I wrote, at a pace that works for audio-only is really taxing. There is a lot of truth in throat lozenges and honey and lemon being the things you need to protect your voice… I’m just hoping I remembered to change all the references to book to audiobook throughout!

It took four days to record, but the final audiobook is 6.5 hours long.

​​If you haven’t had a chance to read the hard copy and are looking for ways to streamline your organisation’s communication with a powerful and easy-to-follow methodology, then this book will help. Anybody who purchases the audiobook will also receive a pdf guide with tables.

Not just for communication professionals

The book presents my clear, adaptable method to help you understand, diagnose and fix the things causing chaos inside your organisation. There are two parts to the book; the first takes you through the foundations of understanding people and organisations and the second explores The Field ModelTM and how you can apply it.

It’s a useful guide for internal communication professionals but it’s also vital reading if you’re a CEO, leader or business owner looking to streamline your communication. So much can be solved by improving the way we communicate.

“I appreciated the broad themes the book brings out as being common challenges organisations face (such as high rates of staff turnover, high absence rates or teams not working well together) and how the book gave starting points to how these issues could be addressed.”

Amazon customer

I know from my own learning that listening to books read by the author is a great way to absorb thinking and hear the authentic voice behind the words. I hope you enjoy listening to it as much as I did recording it!

Listen to an excerpt from the book and download in full.

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