Line managers under the microscope



New research into the role of line managers! Line managers matter; they hold the key to many challenges inside organisations. They are one of the key elements to effective internal communication and an important part of The Field Model™ approach.

We understand the importance of line managers from our Remotely Interested research back in 2019. Now it’s time to understand how that has changed and learn more about the role to enable better relationships and communication across organisations. This time we’re exploring the role of the line manager; as the world of work changed in the past year, we want to find out how this impacts line managers, the skills they need to manage and the purpose of their role inside organisations.

We’re working in partnership with SocialOptic and we want to hear from line managers everywhere, so if you manage people please take the time to complete our survey, which closes on 24 March.

You can share this link across social platforms and inside your organisation too. The more line managers who complete it, the better!

Want to share it inside your organisation and get insight just for you? 

If you have over 200 line managers in your organisation, we can give you a bespoke link to share internally. You’ll get a tailored report on your findings and a 45-minute presentation covering what we found afterward – all for free! Request your bespoke link

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