New research: are you remotely interested?


Remotely interested research 2023

Four years ago, we did some research into remote and non-desk based workers. The research resulted in the Remotely interested? report. Working with SocialOptic, we explored why remote workers or non-desk based workers were cited as one of the biggest barriers to effective internal communication*, and why it wasn’t being made a priority. The findings have been referenced widely and I have spoken about the research to global audiences.

Back then, the data told us that only 63% of remote workers believed they had all the information they needed to do their job well. Only 36% believed their manager to be an accurate source of information. And 27% of remote workers had too little information about their organisation.

Remotely interested? … reloaded!

Little did we know that just a couple of years later, many of us would be working from home during a global pandemic. The world and the technology we used have quite obviously shifted since our last research and that’s why we’re bringing the research back to investigate the current situation.

In partnership with the team at SocialOptic once again, we’re looking for 15 companies to take part in the research. The type of workforce we’re looking at ranges from frontline workers, health care workers, and law enforcement, to drivers and delivery people, manufacturing workers, or hospitality professionals.

To qualify, you need to be:

  • Based in the UK
  • Have a large population of workers who are disconnected (no email technology).

If this is you and you want to take part, please email by 17:00 on Monday 3 April. We’ll follow up with a few more questions and will be choosing the organisations to take part by the end of April.

*Gatehouse State of the Sector report

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