Remotely interested? … reloaded for 2023


Remotely Interested? reloaded

The research is complete and we can’t wait to share the findings!

Four years ago, we completed research into the success of internal communication with remote and deskless workers. The research resulted in the Remotely interested? report and working with SocialOptic, we explored why remote workers or non-desk based workers were one of the biggest barriers to effective internal communication, and why it wasn’t being made a priority. The findings have been referenced widely and our founder, Jenni, has spoken about the research to global audiences.

Back then, the data told us that only 63% of remote workers believed they had all the information they needed to do their job well. Only 36% believed their manager to be an accurate source of information. And, 27% of remote workers had too little information about their organisation.

Little did we know that just a couple of years later, many of us would be working from home during a global pandemic. The world and the technology we used have quite obviously shifted since our last research and that’s why we brought the research back to investigate the current situation.

We’ve spent the summer working with over 350 deskless workers and nine organisations from a broad range of sectors:

  1. North East Ambulance Service 
  2. Noble Foods 
  3. Dr. Martens 
  4. A very well-known home retailer 
  5. Speedy Services 
  6. BASF 
  7. Devon and Somerset Fire and Rescue 
  8. Tai Calon Housing Association 
  9. HSE Ireland.  

The research is now complete, we’ve analysed the data in partnership with the team at SocialOptic once again, and the reports are written. Now it’s time to let you in on what we’ve found. That’s why we’re hosting two live sessions on Tuesday 3 October, at 10 am and 4 pm (BST time), with a 60-minute discussion about the findings from Jenni Field and Benjamin Ellis.

The results are eye opening for those of you who are looking to improve communication and engagement with frontline/deskless workers.

During the online session, you’ll discover findings from our latest research including an insight into how communication teams communicate with deskless workers in 2023, so we can see where the gaps are and how organisations can make improvements, a comparison of findings from 2019, and how you can do this research in your own organisation. They’ll also be time to ask questions of your own.

By signing up to attend, you’ll also receive a PDF version of the report in your inbox afterwards, and you can also request a limited printed version (first come first served) delivered to your door entirely free of charge. It’s going to be a fascinating insight into how remote working has changed and what we need to do as communication professionals to keep up. Book your place by registering here.

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