The fundamentals of internal communications


Fundamentals of internal communications part one

The Communications Network is a US-based community that connects leaders from influential foundations, nonprofits and social sector consultancies worldwide, so it was great to be invited to talk to their network. During the webinar, I discuss best practices when it comes to creating effective internal communication strategies inside organisations. It’s part one of a series that focuses on the building blocks and best practices for internal communications.

In the webinar, I cover the basic principles of understanding people and the impact leading with empathy can have on your organisation.

We squeezed a lot into the hour, including:

  • The definition of internal communication
  • The six keys to impactful communication
  • Managing stakeholders and focusing on audiences
  • How to create an effective internal communications strategy.

You can watch it in full here:

There are some further useful resources about the topics in this webinar here: Blog – A model for internal communication strategy and planning | Podcast – Chaos to calm: Impactful communication | Download – Six keys to impactful communication | Communication Workshops | Blog – How to manage stakeholders

If you’re a charity or not-for-profit organisation, and your communication needs some streamlining, I’d be happy to chat through your immediate issues; please get in touch to arrange a free 15-minute call. You can find out more about our work in the charity sector in this short blog about life science medical research charity, LifeArc.

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