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Crises, chaos and calm – maintaining untarnished reputations

Eva Maclaine is a communications strategy, reputation and change management specialist and a member of our collective. An expert in managing change and cross-cultural teams, ...
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A view from the top podcast with Adrian Copley

How to get business outcomes for clients

In this episode of A View From The Top, Adrian Cropley talks to Jenni about her career trajectory from communication officer to business entrepreneur and ...
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Breaking through the noise: communicating a message that stands out

I’m excited to share my top takeaways from a recent experience that I had volunteering with Form the Future, an organisation that connects employers with ...
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Measuring culture in organisations

We’ve all heard the stories of free food at Twitter and pool tables at Google. As someone who has worked in the technology industry for ...
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Icon Episode 5

Streamline your corporate communication to drive efficiency and engagement

In this podcast episode of ICON by Sparrow Connected, Jenni speaks to Julie Ford, Sparrow Connected Head of Content, as together they challenge conventional thinking about internal ...
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Why communication is the antidote to organisational chaos

As leaders, we’re often tackling a range of organisational issues, including: lack of accountability, toxic culture, team friction, a disengaged workforce, or people blocking change. ...
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Why we need to stop confusing employee engagement and internal communication

Why we need to stop confusing employee engagement and internal communication

In this article for Forbes, Jenni Field asks whether leaders have been so focused on employee engagement that it’s become an unhelpful diversion for the ...
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Alignment to change

Focus on alignment before implementing change

In this article for Catalyst, the official publication of the IABC, Jenni Field talks about the three key elements of successful change: “When it comes ...
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Model for internal communication

A model for internal communication strategy and planning

What model should I use for internal communication?   It’s a question we get asked a lot – we all love a model or a ...
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internal communication audit

How a internal communication audit can help you be less chaotic

Internal communication audits can be hugely helpful in exploring how you change your internal communication channel mix. This is about looking at how people receive ...
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Managing stakeholders

How to manage stakeholders

In a recent podcast episode, I talked about how to manage stakeholders. A stakeholder is someone who has an interest in the organisation. Stakeholders are ...
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organisational growth

Growth is great… so why does it feel so difficult?

In this article for Strategic, Jenni Field talks about growth, how chaos can occur during periods of organisational growth and how to overcome the challenges. ...
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Manifesto for strategic alignment

How a manifesto can help achieve alignment with your strategic narrative

A few years ago I was at an employee engagement conference listening to various internal communicators sharing their case studies. One of them was from ...
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Podcast communication strategy that works

Strategic internal communication

In this Communication Strategy That Works podcast episode, Jenni talks to Emma Drake about strategic internal communication and how to go from chaos to calm. ...
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Symptoms versus root cause blog

Why we need to understand symptoms versus root cause

If you’re a CEO or senior leader, you’ll understand this feeling… you know something’s wrong but you’re not quite sure why. It might be affecting ...
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Better Business Act

Why we’ve signed up to support the Better Business Act

Redefining Communications has recently signed up to support the Better Business Act, which calls for every company in the UK to align the interest of ...
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Global - chaos to calm

Finding calm in a global crisis

In this article for CIPR International about finding calm in a global crisis, Jenni discusses The Field Model™ and the impact of globalisation on organisations. ...
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SiteVisibility Internet Marketing Podcast

Turning your internal communication from chaos to calm

In this interview with The SiteVisibility Internet Marketing Podcast – one of the UK’s most popular internet marketing podcasts – Jenni shares the common symptoms ...
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Hybrid working

Hybrid working

Jenni hosts this discussion on CIPR’s quarterly Engage podcast. Jenni explores the different definitions of hybrid working and highlights the influence of organisational culture in adapting to ...
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Empowered decision-making is not really decision-making at all

When it comes to the different approaches to management and culture, many leaders have moved on from command and control. This top-down approach has its ...
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Fear culture hybrid working

How fear and culture will impact hybrid working

In February I wrote about hybrid working and asked if the term is a red herring for leaders. In the blog I said: “So rather ...
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Pioneering women in IC

Internal Comms Pro podcast – in honour of International Women’s Day, this podcast is with Jenni and her good friends, Advita Patel and Trudy Lewis. ...
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What is The Field Model™?

The Field Model™ came from a conversation about how I describe what I do. Over the years the need to be mindful, explore other perspectives ...
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Podcast going live!

Starting a podcast has been a topic that has been bubbling around for me over the last year. A few people have suggested doing one ...
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The purpose and the how

Over the years the importance of purpose, both individually and for an organisation, has risen on the agenda. There are books and TED talks that ...
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What the State of the Sector report means for internal communications

The Internal Comms Podcast – Jenni discusses Gatehouse’s State of Sector findings and the recently released – Edelman Trust Barometer, which found people put more ...
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