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Chaos to calm Evolution Project

Back in 2017, we started working with Evolution Project to take founder, James Llewellyn, and his team through The Field Model™ to address symptoms of chaos they were experiencing. 

Understand, diagnose and fix

The Evolution Project is a successful small business providing fitness coaching and nutrition advice. However, several issues needed addressing as they had developed into toxic chaos, with symptoms such as employees not getting along and ineffective sales processes.

After conducting listening interviews with the team to understand what was happening, Jenni found internal communication issues and frustrated customers. The team weren’t communicating well, there were issues that weren’t being addressed, there were no clear lines of communication, and a major problem with team friction. Equally, the customer communication wasn’t aligned and new client leads weren’t being nurtured. The sales process was unclear and messaging across the website, emails, social media, and video content was inconsistent.

After working through the understand and diagnose phase of The Field Model™, Jenni moved forward to the fix by coaching and supporting the team through the necessary changes. This was all achieved through better, clearer, and more consistent communication.

We still work with James and his team now to provide ongoing business strategy support. We continue to run team workshops and provide consultancy around member feedback and analysis. Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, we’ve helped the business pivot to enable them to continue to provide a highly valued service for members.

A leader’s experience of The Field Model™ (James Llewellyn)

“Working through The Field ModelTM has fundamentally changed the culture of the business and has revolutionised our customer communication.

Jenni gave us new processes and systems and the confidence to use them. Our team is much happier. The sales process has been streamlined by using emails and text messages more consistently, which improved our response rates by 40%, and increased the likelihood of people showing up for new appointments by 30%. Customer complaints have been replaced with customer compliments and we often have positive feedback about our communication.

She’s the best business coach I’ve ever had. Jenni is painfully real and fearless, but with a heart of gold.

If your organisation is struggling with culture, or if you’re a business leader grappling with how to move your business forward, Jenni can help you. Funny, clear and someone special that can get measurable results in your business, Jenni is still working with us and continues to go above and beyond.”

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If you’d like to find out more about The Field Model, it’s described in detail in Jenni’s book, Influential Internal Communication. You can also listen to the podcast episode on The Field Model.

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