Chaos to calm: How to build mental resilience in your organisation with John Humphreys S4 E5 


Have you ever wondered where the responsibility for mental resilience lies in your organisation? 

Join John Humphreys, who has 25 years’ experience in the British Army, and Jenni as they discuss how to recognise the chaos that occurs when resilience levels are low, plus learn six great tips to build resilience in your team. 

Mental resilience is a topic that comes up often for communicators and organisations. John has worked with Jenni to develop and deliver workshops to communication teams and global organisations to help them explore how they can build resilience. John also works with the team to help clients with any learning and development plans to make sure learning outcomes are clear and the activities will achieve them. With one of our most-read blogs on our website, here you can read more about mental resilience What is Mental Resilience?

Things that will help you go from chaos to calm:

Comms Reboot – the communication unconference by Redefining Communications  

Season 7, Episode 2 podcast Take control of your life – Calm Edged Rebels 

Get in touch with John via our Get in touch – Redefining Communications 

What is Mental Resilience? blog by John Humphreys  

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