Chaos to calm: International culture and its impact on communication with Sarah Black S4 E10 


In this final episode, Jenni talks to Sarah Black, global communications consultant, about the factors to consider when communicating within an international culture. Sarah talks about the challenges of working across different cultures, miscommunication when it comes to corporate values, and leadership expectations. As well as how small things can cause discontent, a lack of connection, and why people might even come across as rude when that’s completely unintended.  

They share tips and tools to help unpack where you are and where you come from, and really delve into how to think around the environment you are in. 

Global teams can be tricky to engage with so working with Sarah to help people think differently about building strong teams around the world is brilliant when you’re looking at intentionally changing culture. In her latest blog, Sarah shares her tips which include the need to get curious and how to be time zone sensitive. Sarah’s blog – Redefining Communication

Things that will help you go from chaos to calm:

Don’t Shoot the Messenger Podcast – Vicki Marinker Season 2, Episode 6 with Jenni Field on How to build a cohesive and diverse culture that’s fit for purpose. 

World Time Buddy : a practical tool for looking at time zones for global meetings. 

Cultural Intelligence Center: lots of free resources and info about how you can develop your ability to relate and work effectively in culturally diverse situations. 

The Culture Map by Erin Meyer - book and website 

Americans Are Fake and the Dutch Are Rude! By Batja Mesquita, The Behavioral Scientist 

How cultural differences can impact global teams, Harvard Business Review, 2021 

Leading with cultural intelligence – David Livermore 

Get in touch with Sarah here on LinkedIn or through their website  

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