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In today’s fast-paced business world, leaders must overcome new challenges to ensure their organisation’s survival, growth, and success. To succeed, leaders need to understand their shared objectives and agree on what they and their teams need to do to reach them.

The tool to help you refocus your organisation
With the leadership alignment diagnostic tool, we provide a comprehensive and aerial view assessment, presenting a complete picture of your organisation’s people, operations, mission, and future, in a systematic and efficient way.

Our diagnostic tool harnesses the expertise of your team, gathering essential data to drive your organisation's transformation.

With the leadership alignment tool, we can identify your organisation’s priority areas and guide you on how to shift and re-focus in the right direction.

The leadership alignment tool is rooted in organisational theory and closely aligned to The Field Model™. This powerful combination allows us to accurately diagnose your organisation’s inner workings and provide data-driven solutions for optimal results.

Our leadership alignment tool helps you to:

  • Understand if you have a meaningful purpose that your employees connect with
  • Achieve clarity on the impact of your vision and how it is understood and shared
  • Identify if the strategy is clearly articulated and, importantly, executed against
  • Establish where to invest your time and energy for the next 6, 12 and 18 months
  • Uncover the problem areas that are holding you back – whether it’s your people, the business model, the leadership team or a skills deficit.

Survey themes

Our insightful discovery survey covers seven core themes:

  • Accountability: exploring how comfortable the team is with being accountable
  • Adaptability: investigating how well the leadership team deals with change and failure
  • Capability: does everyone have the right skills and, if not, where are the gaps?
  • Communication: how clear are people on the strategy and do they know what’s needed to be effective?
  • Connection: is there a strong link between the strategy and teams, across leadership?
  • Strategy: is there an understanding of the clear actions needed to support the strategy?
  • Velocity: how does the organisation move and how quickly does it respond to external forces?

The leadership alignment tool is fast, effective and insightful; from start to insight in just four weeks.

How it works:

Step 1 - We arrange a call within five working days where our experts take you through the process flow and what is required from your team.

Step 2 - We deliver the discovery questionnaire within five working days of that call.

Step 3 - Results are gathered within 10 days. A call is scheduled the following week to take you through the findings and the report. The report holds a full analysis and recommendations.

Step 4 – In less than a month you have everything you need to refocus your organisation and move forward.

We only work with five organisations in any three-month period and investment starts at £12,500 (exc VAT).

Organisations we work with

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Filled to the brim with solid insights

The richness of the insight provided using the leadership alignment tool, coupled with deep expertise at the analysis and diagnostic stages, make for a very impressive report. It’s filled to the brim with solid insights and clear recommendations to effect positive cultural change in the organisation.

Max Puller, Employee & Change Communications Director, Sodexo

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