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How do you create an employer brand?

There are lots of phrases and concepts linked to employees and their relationship with organisations so it’s worth defining each of these before we go ...
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Employee Experience Model

The risk of ignoring the employee experience

For most organisations a risk register exists to make sure everyone knows what could impact the organisation and how to mitigate them. One risk that ...
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Remotely Interested? reloaded

What do deskless workers really need from communication teams?

This week we have launched the findings from our recent Remotely Interested? research. This was a repeat of the survey we carried out in 2019 ...
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Comms Reboot is coming to London in 2024!

On Saturday 19 October 2024 Comms Reboot, the communication unconference, will be heading to London.
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Remotely Interested? reloaded

Remotely interested? … reloaded for 2023

The research is complete and we can’t wait to share the findings! Four years ago, we completed research into the success of internal communication with ...
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Woman waving happily goodbye to former co-workers

Four tips to ensure a smooth separation

Anyone involved in the recruitment process knows it takes a lot of time and effort to find the right candidates and onboard them effectively. Not ...
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Employee Experience-Model

What are the stages of the employee lifecycle?

The employee lifecycle typically consists of six stages: attraction, recruitment, onboarding, development, retention, and separation. Each stage presents its own challenges and opportunities, so it’s ...
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Outlines of people in different colours

Does unconscious bias training work? 

We work with clients to help them build a more inclusive workplace – something that should be on the agenda for all organisations. We support ...
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Why employee engagement surveys are measuring the wrong thing

I’ve previously talked about the issue of focusing on employee engagement and how this has been a distraction for leaders and communicators. The phrases “employee ...
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Color horizontal shot of two hands holding a caliper and measuring the word "culture".

Measuring culture in organisations

We’ve all heard the stories of free food at Twitter and pool tables at Google. As someone who has worked in the technology industry for ...
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Icon Episode 5

Streamline your corporate communication to drive efficiency and engagement

In this podcast episode of ICON by Sparrow Connected, Jenni speaks to Julie Ford, Sparrow Connected Head of Content, as together they challenge conventional thinking about internal ...
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Portrait of Two Creative Colleagues Using Laptop to Discuss Work Project at Office

Three ways to improve your relationships at work

We’ve recently been watching the latest docu-series of Couples Therapy, which follows four couples over six months of weekly treatment. It’s addictive and the fascinating ...
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Engagement, employee experience, and internal communication – what’s the difference?

In this Engagement Express podcast episode, Jenni talks to Kate Isichei about the difference between employee engagement, employee experience (EX) and internal communication (IC). The ...
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How can we get people to step up, take responsibility and get shit done?

This is a great question. And at the heart of the answer is the need to understand a bit more about motivation.  There are lots ...
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Why we need to stop confusing employee engagement and internal communication

Why we need to stop confusing employee engagement and internal communication

In this article for Forbes, Jenni Field asks whether leaders have been so focused on employee engagement that it’s become an unhelpful diversion for the ...
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Pay attention follow the rules

How do you get staff to pay attention and follow the rules?

When I was asked this as part of our Reality Check research into the issues affecting organisations, this question made me chuckle! To answer, we ...
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Great distraction employee alignment

Is employee engagement the great distraction for internal communication teams?

This year I have seen more conversations about the difference between internal communication and employee engagement than ever before. The difference is that we seem ...
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Six simple ways to avoid the Great Resignation

One of the most used phrases of 2021 and 2022 has been the Great Resignation. Despite some people thinking that this is a myth (myself ...
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Trends in internal communication

The latest trends in internal communication

It’s 2012 and I’m walking into a meeting in the Euston head office of the company I work for… There were about six of us ...
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Creative internal communication campaigns – why we need to have more fun!

I was teaching about change communication recently and the discussion unfolded about campaigns to engage employees in a brand change. It dawned on me that ...
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Communicating change

Tried-and-tested frameworks for communicating organisational change

We talk a lot about organisational change with our clients. The Field Model™ is designed to help you go from chaos to calm and as ...
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Managing stakeholders

How to manage stakeholders

In a recent podcast episode, I talked about how to manage stakeholders. A stakeholder is someone who has an interest in the organisation. Stakeholders are ...
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Solving organisational and leadership chaos

Ask me anything: solving communication, leadership and organisational chaos

As part of our Reality check research into the issues and chaos affecting their organisations and teams, we gave respondents the opportunity to ask us ...
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Frontline workers blog for Blink Jenni Field

Frontline workers – protecting the “third space”

In this blog for Blink, global communication expert, Jenni Field shares her advice for improving communication with frontline workers. “We must reach this audience in ...
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How to solve team friction

How to avoid team friction – from poles apart to pulling together

“We have to allow ourselves to be prepared to be convinced by opposing arguments. We must revisit conclusions as we receive new and relevant information, ...
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A time to reflect – a year of variety, insights and community

How has your year been? Productive with a touch of chaos? Or challenging with some key milestones reached? Perhaps a bit of a mixture! Every ...
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Podcast communication strategy that works

Strategic internal communication

In this Communication Strategy That Works podcast episode, Jenni talks to Emma Drake about strategic internal communication and how to go from chaos to calm. ...
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Calm Edged Rebels podcast

Calm Edged Rebels – communications podcast

Calm Edged Rebels is an award-winning podcast that Jenni co-hosts with her good friends Trudy Lewis and Advita Patel. The three of them discuss everything ...
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Five myths about hybrid working

I recently co-hosted a webinar with best-selling author of Remote Work, Chris Dyer, to explore the pitfalls and assumptions around hybrid working – one of ...
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What is internal communication

What is internal communication?

In this podcast episode, I talk about the difference between employee engagement, employee experience and internal communication and the importance of alignment between all three. ...
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HR Director article Jenni Field

Hybrid or herring?

In this article for HR Director, Jenni discusses hybrid working. All our focus and effort is being channelled into defining the hybrid workforce. But is ...
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Newcastle upon Tyne NELEP

Supporting growth with ongoing communication consultancy and workshops

Redefining Communications first began working with The North East Local Enterprise Partnership (North East LEP) in 2019. The North East LEP is a public, private ...
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Employee engagement understanding people

Why employee engagement needs to be more than just campaigns and rewards

In 2020 I read The Art of Resilience by Ross Edgley. In the book, Ross shares the story of his swim round the UK. There ...
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Chaos to calm Evolution Project

Out in the Field – Evolution Project

Back in 2017, we started working with Evolution Project to take founder, James Llewellyn, and his team through The Field Model™ to address symptoms of ...
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Working from home reduces productivity by 20%

Last week I shared a podcast clip from The Diary of a CEO. It’s hosted by Stephen Bartlett and in this episode, he interviews retail ...
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Virtual event

Setting our direction – a virtual event for LifeArc

LifeArc is an independent medical research charity helping turn promising early science into products that improve patients’ lives. At the start of 2021, the charity ...
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The pandemic revolution

The pandemic revolution

It’s going to take us 25 years to reap the true benefits of flexible working… that’s if the industrial revolution is anything to go by. ...
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How to return to the workplace (or not) – in a post-COVID world

This article is a snippet from the Inspiring Workplaces eBook, which is packed with lots of suggestions from the top 101 influencers. Jenni was asked ...
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Global - chaos to calm

Finding calm in a global crisis

In this article for CIPR International about finding calm in a global crisis, Jenni discusses The Field Model™ and the impact of globalisation on organisations. ...
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Leadership Insights for Professionals

Six leadership skills to master for better internal communication

In this article for Insights for Professionals, Jenni discusses how leadership is more than being able to delegate. Without effective communication, a leader’s team can ...
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Empowered decision-making is not really decision-making at all

When it comes to the different approaches to management and culture, many leaders have moved on from command and control. This top-down approach has its ...
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audio zoom fatigue

How to beat Zoom fatigue and harness the power of audio

May is National Walking Month in the UK. When I was speaking at the Global Women in PR Inside Stories event recently, I talked about ...
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Communication and chaos

Keep calm: fix organisational chaos, streamline communication and drive engagement

Organisations are complex. People are complex. It takes time and some difficult conversations to find calm amongst the chaos. This article – Keep calm: fix ...
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Influential Internal Communication

The Internal Comms Podcast – in this episode, Jenni talks to Katie Macaulay about the ideas and frameworks outlined in her new book, Influential Internal ...
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How to make your online event a success

For an event organiser, “online” and “virtual” have been the industry buzzwords over the last year. Here Sarah Weston, who is part of the Redefining ...
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Line managers under the microscope

New research into the role of line managers! Line managers matter; they hold the key to many challenges inside organisations. They are one of the key ...
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Why competitive busyness is toxic for you and others around you

I talk a lot about productivity, setting boundaries and managing attention. In the last six months I have seen a huge increase in a sense ...
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What is The Field Model™?

The Field Model™ came from a conversation about how I describe what I do. Over the years the need to be mindful, explore other perspectives ...
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Trust and narrowing the say-do gap

How often do you say you’re going to do something and then put it on the backburner? Here, Chloe Michel, marketing specialist, and part of ...
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What is Mental Resilience?

As a mental resilience trainer, John Humphreys’ goal is to help people learn the art of resilience. John is part of the Redefining Communications collective ...
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Employee engagement and internal communication are not the same thing

Internal communication and employee engagement was in the spotlight as one of the core disciplines within the communication remit last year. As we’ve moved office ...
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Why being more specific in 2021 is essential for organisations

At the end of last year, I asked my community across LinkedIn and Twitter what they thought the trends were going to be for business ...
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Maslow's hierarchy of needs

Aligning needs to employee engagement – how we can easily get it wrong with the best intentions

Many people working in communications, marketing and PR will be familiar with Marlow’s Hierarchy of Needs. It is often one of the main models taught ...
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Mental resilience

Spotting burnout: seven ways to solve your stress cycle

I’ve been doing a lot of research recently into mental resilience, reading about the increasing burnout, stress and loneliness we’re experiencing; the sense of being ...
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Illustration of the circadian rhythm

Why routine and focus is a challenge right now

This week I finished listening to the audio version of Ross Edgley’s Art of Resilience. He talks a lot about circadian rhythm in the book ...
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Employee Apps – where do we start?

In a world where most of us have smartphones (76% of people in “advanced economies”), be that a company device or personal, we are better ...
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Hybrid working – what people are really thinking

The phrase “Hybrid working” isn’t new but it’s being used more and more. Most of us will understand it to mean a blend of working ...
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Podcast going live!

Starting a podcast has been a topic that has been bubbling around for me over the last year. A few people have suggested doing one ...
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What questions are we still asking?

Our blog celebrated its 10th birthday this week and we’ve been going back through the archives to see what has/hasn’t changed. We’ve picked the top ...
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The science of fear

I’ve spent the last few months reading The Science of Fear by Dan Gardner. It is a book I have recommended to many, quoted several ...
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When home-working isn’t always the future you think it is

Since we all shifted to working from home I have been wondering; what will cities and offices look like in the future and what will ...
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To survey or not to survey?

Last week I took part in the Generation Digital ‘Connected Companies’ webinar to discuss communication in a crisis. One of the attendees asked a question ...
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How do ‘Connected Companies’ communicate in a crisis?

This morning I joined Hannah Sardar from Workplace by Facebook for a webinar hosted by the team (Graham Mackay and Jack Paine) at Generation Digital. ...
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Edelman’s Trust Barometer 2020: is ethics on your radar?

Edelman’s Trust Barometer has been running for 20 years. With over 34,000 respondents across 28 markets, it’s a trusted source and snapshot into trust in ...
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Don’t invade the canteen!

Communicating to remote or deskless workers has been one of the biggest challenges for organisations for years. Professional communicators have talked about this barrier, but ...
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What the State of the Sector report means for internal communications

The Internal Comms Podcast – Jenni discusses Gatehouse’s State of Sector findings and the recently released – Edelman Trust Barometer, which found people put more ...
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How do you achieve great communication in a multi-site organisation?

Last year Lee Sheldon, founder of Mastering Multi-Units (MMU) invited me onto his podcast to talk about my experience in supporting organisations communicate with a ...
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Why the new labour policy won’t help the employee voice

This week the Labour party announced plans to bring the employee voice into the Boardroom. Under Labour’s plans, all companies with a workforce of 250 ...
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The art of science and engagement in internal communication

We know that internal communicators are struggling to influence at the top, finding digital adoption hard across organisations and working with limited budgets. Some of ...
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From informing to engaging: the role of IC in driving engaging and authentic leadership communications

This morning CIPR Inside and Luminous hosted an Ask the Guru event all about the shift from informing to engaging audiences inside organisations. As the ...
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Employee engagement isn’t about happiness, it’s about outcomes

Is employee engagement still on your agenda? A few weeks I blogged on AB thinks (for my client AB) about employee engagement and employee experience ...
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Tips for communicating with volunteers

Last week I was asked for some insight into volunteer communication on the back of my involvement with the Chartered Institute of Public Relations (CIPR). ...
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Four things I heard at the Employee Engagement Awards Conference

Last week I attended my first Employee Engagement Awards Conference – hosted by Ruth Dance and organised by Matt Manners and the team behind the ...
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What is the state of the sector in 2018?

Last week I attended the Gatehouse (Gallagher Communications) State of the Sector research*. It was an insightful morning with some good debate in the room ...
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